3500 question

I have a noob question.
Last week I purchased the ND3500AG and now I’m trying DL burning. I use the orig. 2.18 firmware. First I used Ricoh DL media with DVD decrypter and it played fine on my samsung stand-alone player. Then I tried Traxdata with DVD decrypter and played it on my samsung. That was no succes. I had the same expirience as others on this forum. It didn’t run smooth, especially the second layer. Then I tried Traxdata with Nero 6603 and this one wasn’t even recognised by the samsung. All three played well on my LG GCC4521 in my PC by the way.
So it looks to me that not only the type of media is important but also with what program I burn it with? Or is there some setting of Nero I’m missing? With both programs I burned the same ISO file.


Maybe in Nero it failed to book type the disc to DVD-ROM…

It is now on auto. Maybe next time I set it to DVD rom?

Check this with Nero CD/DVD Speed…