3500 Problem

I bought a 3500A last week and burned about 15 Verbatim 2,4x DVD+R without a problem. Then I tried to use the Platinum 8x DVD+R and it didn’t work. Nero (first Version then 6.6) switches to the burning window, caches the files and then the window freezes, the 3500 in idle. When I go to disc info it shows me all the data of the DVD, I mean the drive can read the disc. I also tried to update to firmware version 2.17 - Binflash says: “Problem sending firmware to flash”, and I tried others without success too. I don’t know what to do now - maybe someone can help me. Since some guys recommend the Platinum media for the 3500, it should work with mine too.

Thanks a lot,

P.S.: Win XP, Athlon 2000, Epox 8k3a, NEC 3500 as secondary master

Another problem
I burned DVD-RW (Ricoh) without problems. But I failed to burn ANY DVD-R/+R. I tried TDK (TDK), Verbatim (MCC) and Fuji (Ricoh). TDK both +R and -R, other brands only +R. All 2x-4x. I burned on 2x and 4x, tried DVD ISO and UDF, the result is the same - Nero fails on Lead-out. Session fixation error. Two times it seems to be OK with Nero, but the disk wasn’t readable.

Athlon 1Ghz
Soltek VIA KT-266
256 Mb DDR
(I’ve tried Nero too)

3500 is set to master, with 80-pin cable, no other device on cable. Mode UltraDMA 2. Antivirus soft is turned off. Firmaware is unmodified (2.16).

Any suggestions? Or it would be better to simply change the drive?

Please, forgive my English, I’m not a natvie speaker.

have you tried using another burning software? you might try to drag and burn through explore with windows xp and see if can read it after! Thats a start to troubleshoot. let us know