3500 poor reader!

I have a 3500 with Dangeros bros 2.F8 firmware on it and I am trying to copy a divx from a cdr onto my hdd so i can convert it to dvd. right near the start I keep getting a “invalid MS-DOS function” error from windows exploer (xp pro sp2).

I put the disk in an old TDK 16x cdrw in another pc, it copied it off first time straight away.

cleaning the disk has no effect on it and there are no visible scratches or marks on the disk. clearly this drive isnt very good at being able to read disks.

now ive got to either put that cdrom in this pc just to copy it off, or network my pc to his and copy the file over, unless anyone has a suggestion that would make my 3500 read the disk? (playing the divx file in media player on my 3500 also results in an error).

Does “the other” PC also run on XP SP2?

And “how” do you copy the divX CD. Do you simply use explorer?

BTW, you can not “play” divX content on MediaPlayer without “external” plugin. :wink:

yes it is also sp2, and use im copying the file off using explorer.

Maybe ripping with ISO Buster can help… :wink:

nope, sector 4136 could not be read, same for 6671 if i press ignore, 322006, 322398, 327596. Continued ripping anyway after pressing ignore. I am then left with a 662mb avi file which is only 1 min 18 seconds long instead of 1 hour 4 mins, and is also currupt. read perfectly fine with no errors and a perfect result with the couple year old TDK cdrw.

The drive is quite obviously physically a bad reader (and its not the first report of this i have seen by a long way).

Going to go back to TDK for any future buys, not impressed with this thing at all!!

Sorry it didn´t work out…

You say you wanna go back to TDK… Hmm, the latest TDK DVD-RW (1616) is a rebadged NEC 3500… TDK is leaving DVDRW business.

BTW, I think all of us should have a good CDRW on compu in cases like these. :wink:
Not many new DVDRW´s can handle (read/copy) latest copy protected stuff.

I keep a trusty old Plex 24/10/40A just for this purpose :wink: