3500 LDv2b3 very dark ring only using Nero



Hi there,

My NEC3500AG (V2.18, firmware Liggy & Dee V2 beta 3) burns fantastically (note1) :slight_smile: . But, ONLY when burning with Nero6.3 a FULL Princo DVD (4x), appears a very narrow/dark/unreadable ring near the outer edge (3.4GB or 4GB point).

(note1) For example: Ridisc (-R), Verbatim (-R, +R, +RW), Ricoh (+R, +RW) and crappy media like Princo (-R). Medium to very low PI/PIF, depending on the media quality. All readable discs :slight_smile: .Main tester Nero CD/DVD Speed 3.55.

The case is that previously creating an ISO image (> 4GB) and burning it with DVD Decrypter, e.g., using Pattin-Coufin ASPI layer instead of Nero folder Wnaspi32.dll, the ring DOES NOT appear in those Princo discs. Moreover, burning those Princo discs using another writer (Liteon 811s, higher PI/PIF) and Nero, the disc DO NOT show the dark ring. Only shown combining NEC+PRINCO+NERO, get it?

My [healthy] system: AMD Athlon XP 1700+, 512MB DDR, 120GB & 160GB Western Digital HD’s, frequent defragmentation, DMA on (of course :wink: ), no other application or ‘tray icons’ when burning, etc, etc

My system / Nero burning normally does not show any buffer underrun, but maybe there is something with the abovementioned combination. Something is happening. I suspect of some bug/drawback of the new Nero ASPI layer, Wnaspi32.dll (version, december 2004), but not sure.

Well, any idea / info/ suggestion / explanation / request for more info… welcome.

By the moment, I will follow my self-recommendation of burning these few Princo’s (only for experimenting, common sense is buying 4x Verbatim and Ridisc, beautifully burnt @8x and beyond) through ISO - DVD Decrypter, achieving PI around 250 and PIF around 1-2 :slight_smile:

Any comments appreciated.

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I forgot to mention that OS is Win2k SP4.

Apart from the narrow ‘dark ring’, the rest of the disc is completely readable BEFORE and AFTER the ring (explicitly, low PI/PIF, except the ring).

Regarding the zone (around 3.5GB - 4GB), could it be some kind of failed fallback in the write strategy used for this mediacode in this nec model / firmware version Liggy? I know Liteon behaviour but just little about NEC; I don’t know if it is logical my doubt regarding the burn is at low speed (4x), not a high speed (8x or 12x) requiring a slow down near the end, a wise decision in other write strategies.

I really dont mind the behaviour with Princo :wink: ; but, as a reader, sure I would take note about the different behaviour of ASPI layer / software burner; maybe using other media the result is not as noticeable as in this case (dark ring) just higher PI/PIF…

Thanks in advance for any comments,