3500 internal or external?

My brother in law has asked me to get a DVD writer to put in his 6 month old Northgate computer.

I have decided to get him a 3500 but due to warranty issues cannot crack the case on his PC without voiding his warranty. I know it wont hurt, but he is adamant that I dont void his warranty.

He currently has a Liteon USB 2.0 external cd writer, and I was wondering whether there would be any issues with performance from removing the CD Burner from the external case, and fitting the NEC inside.

Would this reduce the speed/reliability of the drive?

As a temporary measure until his machine comes out of warranty I am thinking this would be safest method of using the drive.




Should slick right in-

BTW www.newegg.com has had them in the sub $80 range plus $4 shipping - a VERY good price from one of the top online vendors…

Happy Burnin"


Some people have trouble burning at high speeds (16X) with USB 2.0, but it all depends on the motherboard/USB 2.0 controller.
Overall, most people seem to have better luck with firewire at higher speeds…

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