3500 Has Trouble Reading Media It Burns

Hello all,

I have searched the forums but could not find an answer to my question, so I am hoping that someone can help me.

I am using an NEC 3500 AG with the stock 2.16 firmware, and am using nero and dvd shrink. I have burned five dvd’s so far (successful burns at 8x in Nero), all using the same settings on some ritek 8x g05 media. My problem is that when I attempt to playback the burned disk in the 3500 it will play sometimes, and other times it will not. I have to keep reinserting the disc until the name of the dvd shows up in “my computer.” When I insert the media, sometimes my drive changes from “dvd-rw” drive to “cd-drive” in my computer, and when I try to browse the files, it acts as if no media is inserted. I eject and put the disc back in a few times, and then it finally shows up with the name of the movie and plays fine in power dvd. The same disc reads fine all the time in any of my other dvd players.

Does anybody have any idea why this is happening? I am using “no multisession” in nero so I don’t think it is a finalizing problem. Please help!

[QUOTE=cheebadoll]Hello all,

When I insert the media, sometimes my drive changes from “dvd-rw” drive to “cd-drive” in my computer, and when I try to browse the files, it acts as if no media is inserted.
i have the same problem :a
is there anyone who can help,please :bow:

If you have CD-RW as Master and DVD burner as Slave that might be the cause, since the Master drive will activate first and then without changing that to Slave drive (DVD burner) you try to braws in to Master and activated drive which is emty.

nec 3500 is master
dvd-rom is slave

I have had problem not unlike this.

I used DVD-Fab to backup The breakfast club using the Nero burning engine. The NEC could recognize the first disc, but not the second one. However, the second disc could always be read in my laptops internal DVD reader. I thought that was very very bizarre.

The media was Fuji branded TY that I bought from newegg that burns at 16x. My drive is sitting in an external enclosure which may be causing my other problems as I read USB 2.0 can only hit 13mb/sec etc… bufffer underruns causing incompatibilities??

My burner is the master on the secondary ide controller, and my dvd-rom is the slave. My dvd’s play fine on all my other dvd-rom drives, on all of my other computers, but it doesn’t like to play on my nec 3500, the SAME DRIVE that created it. It’s very upsetting.

Anybody have a solution yet?

I do just the oppisite…master=dvd-rom and slave=dvd-burner secondary IDE and never had a problem.

Yo rolling56-

My setup is exactly like yours-

No problems or worries-


Ok, I have a similar problem and this is what I have found.

I first came across the problem when I got a DVD-R from a friend. It was a burn of a movie that worked on my laptop and worked on my friend’s Pioneer 106. I put it in my NEC 3500 here at home and the drive knows there’s a DVD in the drive but looking at the media info area with DVDInfoPro shows that it was burned with Nero on a certain date but it also says that it is unformatted. Windows thinks it is a blank disk and pops up with autoplay asking if I want to burn files to it. Here is where it gets strange. I grabbed the evaluation version of MagicISO and told it to read an ISO image of the supposed unformatted DVD. I mounted that ISO image with daemon tools and sure enough it’s a full ISO of the movie that I can watch just like on any other DVD ROM/RW. So it seems like the drive can read the data fine when told to read raw sectors. I didn’t think it was a big deal until the same thing happened with a DVD-R that I burned myself with this drive. The one I burned was also an ISO burned with Nero (the same as my friend did) but a completely different movie. Everyone else can read this DVD-R but for some reason my NEC 3500 has trouble with it and it is the one that burned it in the first place. Finally I burned the same image to a DVD+RW and it has never failed no matter how many times I open and close the drive. To me this seems like a firmware issue because the drive can physically make an ISO of a DVD-R that it reports as unformatted. One last note, I bought this drive at the same time as a friend from NewEgg and he has the same problems when he puts these DVD’s in his drive.