3500 FW & media for > 8x write?


Some help please,

  1. I’m using Nero with Datawrite Grey 8x DVD-R, that writes at 8x (fine).
    But, what Media (and where from in the UK) should I buy so that I can write > 8x (with quality results)?

  2. Which of the latest RipLock removed FW should I be using to achieve these higher write speeds ?
    (218_SE) ?


can nobody help ?

The very top thread of this forum says “Read First” and is titled “ND-3500 Burn Speed and Quality Tests”.

Take a look there. Your question about what media burns greater than 8x’s has been answered quite alot so maybe people jsut are tired of answering.
Just look in any of the firmware threads and you’ll see people saying what media they burned at what speed,etc., and do some searching around and read. It’s all in there.
For me to answer I would have to read them all and then answer you. Since you are the one that wants to know you need to read them.

Tom :slight_smile:

RICOH JPN R02 at 12X.


IMHO - the combo of Liggys 2.18 and Taiyo Yuden 8x +R’s ROCK!!!

(Thanks again Liggy)


Thanks for the feedback. I did do some reading into the suggested thread before posting, but it’s over 7 pages long and simply didn’t have time to digest it all.

And could I ask; Do these 8x rated disc automatically write > 8x speed in Nero when its set to ‘Max write speed’ or do I have to set Nero to a specific speed (eg 12x, 16x) ?

Is there a preferred UK based site to buy either of the suggested discs (RICOH JPN R02 & Taiyo Yuden 8x) ?


Just tried Liggy’s 2.18 firmware on a SONY08D1.

Full Disc was burned in 5.41 secs - WOW. :smiley:

Liggy - “You da Man”. :bow: :bow:

I shall be testing my 8x TY+R next.