3500 firmware recommandation

Hi folks,

I haven’t been her for quite a looong time and need some help with 3500AG.
I read for hours about all the great new and hacked firmware, but the more
I read the more I’m totally confused.

So what’s the latest or best firmware for Nec3500 ? I need riplock removed,
Ritek DL-media supported, bitsetting for +R9 . Using now stock 2.18 which is not bad I encountered lot of trouble burning +R9 (Ritek base) at 2,4x with Nero Want to buy some very expensive frisbees…??


Ritek DL Media is really bad. Don´t waste your money.
IMO firmware 2.19 and Verbatim DL Media should work great.

i use LD_2.TB and the only DL media that works with the 3500 is Verbatim.

I use Liggy And Dee ND-3500 Modified Firmware V2.TB RC2


Currently use the 2.18btrpc1 on one and 2.FC on the other-

Gives me all I want and very good burns-


ty02 MIJ/Fuji is good to go with any FW you choose.

Liggy And Dee ND-3500 Modified Firmware V2.TB RC2 is best !
TY02 media, almost all TY media

PS/ I am using 2.19 and it works great! The 3500 is a slow reader without the hacked firmware but a very fast burner. I use my PLEX 716 and Aopen 1608 for readers.

Thanx, but does 2.19 support bitsetting and Ritek like 2.18 did?

No 2.19 does not maddog 2.fd does and so does liggy’s and dee’s.