3500 Firmware from Herrie?

Just wondering if Herrie may be planning to do any firmware stuff for other models beyond the 25xx line. I know there are a few out there already from other people, but I am just curious to see what Herrie could do with the firmware. :iagree:

Let’s says I’m capable of making them (I made some custom patches, which were actually very small changes and weren’t released to the public (yet)), but due a serious lack of time and a lot of changes in my personal life at the moment I’m not sure if I’ll be able to find time to make a nice release. Especially testing takes very long.

In case I find time, it’s one of my priorities though :slight_smile:

forget your lg project…you know you have a soft spot for nec…

as long as your making patches though, is it possible to make a patch for 2.FC so that it can do rw bitsetting? is it possible to go from command version 3 to 4, or is it something nec has to do? i tried asking in another thread a few days ago but no one answered me…sniff…sniff