3500 Firmware 2.27

_NEC DVD_RW ND-3500AG2.2704090300

I’ve came across this firmware, that is supposedly to come from
a I-O DATA DVR-ABN16W ( which is a rebadged ND3500 )

Didn’t tried it yet, but it is supposed to support SL + DL bitsetting

These are the writing strategies reported by the 2500dump tool

J:\Work>2500dump 3500a227orig.bin
CD-R version: 1.24
CD-RW version: 1.24
DVD-R version: 1.37
DVD-RW version: 1.32
DVD+R version: 1.52
DVD+RW version: 1.37
DVD+R9 version: 1.23

There is also a “plus” version, but really don’t know what is the difference between original and plus version…

is this not an older version than the maddog firmware?

This one has newer writing strategies than the Maddog 2F8 firmware. This looks like the 2.07 (beta?) firmware of NEC cdrinfo used for their review, but with bitsetting support.

andreapappy, can you upload it somewhere?

According to strategy version number it sits in the middle of maddog 2.f8 and is just -1 ( 1.23 vs 1.24 on +R9 ) against tdk 2.78

I’ve uploaded it here http://www.pappy.it/fw/3500A227ORIG.BIN

Thanks andreapappy.

This is a summary of all NEC 3500 firmwares and their writing strategy versions:

               Herrie's 2.17     TDK 2C7        TDK 2.78       NEC 2.27

CD-R version:      1.23            1.23           1.24           1.24
CD-RW version:     1.24            1.24           1.24           1.24  
DVD-R version:     1.37            1.37           1.37           1.37 
DVD-RW version:    1.30            1.30           1.32           1.32 
DVD+R version:     1.51            1.51           1.52           1.52
DVD+RW version:    1.37            1.37           1.37           1.37 
DVD+R9 version:    1.22            1.22           1.24           1.23 

A small update…after flashing the firmware i run the “plus” updater
Well, it’s a rpc1 & riplock fw…and winbtype shows sl and dl bitsetting option

Wow…just ordered my 3500A last night …looks like another one to try out.

Someone please test this firmware…thanks OP for posting it.

AndreaPappy. Please post a link to the Plus version. The above link is for a RPCII riplock version

Uploaded also the plus version. It’s a NEC firmware flasher


Grazie! Thanks!

Does this new firmware support Ritek DL ?

No, it doesn’t support Ritek DL.


well, it is beta version. isn’t it? but what about the NEC windows flasher? I have a RPC2 riplock version (bought in Germany). does the plus-firmware remove riplock and makes it rpc-free?

Well, i’m not an expert, but the ritek d01 string exists…

MKM 001


liggy can you check this firm please?

Ritek DVD+R DL seems to be supported at 1x.


It cannot be.

They are definitely wrong. Just have a look at the supported writing speeds here

Supported @4X ! Waou !

AFAIK, they are wrong about TDK C7 firmware supporting SL bitsetting as well: