3500 f/w 2.98, wtf is that?

Since I’m so desparately waiting for the PI/PIF firmware for the 3500, I decided to give eMule a try. Maybe someone “leaked” it…

I didn’t find 2.R8, but a firmware 2.98 showed up, both as .bin and as zip. I’m trying to download it now, but since I’m queued, it may take a while.

However, I don’t have any idea on what this might be. Afaik, the 2.9x is not a known NEC or OEM code. Somebody who knows more?

Some suggestions I’ve been thinking of:

  • It could be a fake firmware. In this case, it could possibly damage my drive.
  • It could be a (new) unknown OEM firmware. But since the 3500 production is discontinued, it’s not very likely that a new company will jump in here.
  • It could be the official name for the 2.R8 experimental firmware. Since NEC seems to use hex numbering, it could be logical: 2.1x+$80=2.9x

I doubt it’s 2.R8 =P

Search “2.xy firmware NEC” in google

Look like emperor from cdrinfo has it since a few months :

  • Updated 5/2/2005
  • Added 2.BA for RICOH 5163DA
  • Added 2.98 for NEC ND-3500A

It on my 3500 page for some time now. It’s ‘old’ firmware so nothing new…

Did a websearch, version numbers for each type of media are much older than current firmwares, it seemed to be a clone of 2.18…

I checked your page before posting this thread, but I must have overlooked it. It’s not in the summary table, but indeed it’s in the firmware list. However, there’s not much written on it in this forum.

There are a lot of weird firmwares around… but nothing to impressive about them… so it’s not even worth to post =P

In the original list there stands: “NEC 2.98 (same strategy as Ricoh 2.B9)”. In the summary table you look up the Ricoh 2.B9 and everything is clear :slight_smile: