3500 / DVDXCopy Compatibility?

:slight_smile: I’m getting ready to buy the 3500, and was wondering if anyone has used it with DVDXcopy Platinum 4. Basically what I need is the best all around backup solution, Speed, ease of use, etc. As for the dual layer that is not much of a concern right now. I realize DVDXcopy may not support dual layer. I understand Xpress is part of the Platinum Package? and provides one click copying? Or is it just for ripping? Just wondering if it was compatible with the 3500 and what kind of speed results. Thx.

I use DVDXCopy Platinum4.0.3.8 and NEC3500 - works like a charm. Speed results will depend on your system specs and media speed rating. In my case to back up a 5.5Gb movie to a 4x RitekG04 media takes less than 30min.

i have the 3.2.1 also my question is does the platinu, make copyy protected movies like the 3.2.1. i just got this software and i have no manuels could you please direct me --i’m a newbie and need help-this site is great for people like me–thanks and keep it up :bow:

Yes, Platinum4.0.3.8 has the ripper and will do most protected movies.

thanks for your answer Yordan-that helps alot

I’ve been burning successfully for months now. Just bought a NEC3500 using the newest mad dog firmware, and tried to copy SHREK II on the NEC with DVDSHRINK. Get a copy protection error. Tried using DVDSHRINK on PRODISCF01, and movie won’t play on DVD player. It starts, but is very choppy. Tried again using DVDXCOPY and a TY002 DVD. Won’t play at all. Anyone know if this is a problem with the NEC? Next I’m going to try on TY002 on my Pioneer A07xl and see if it does the same thing.


Have had serious problems when trying to burn to Prodisc 8x +R’s with my 3500’s - somewhat less of a problem with the Prodisc 8x -R’s - but still not as good/consistant burns as with my Ritek 8x -R’s and Taiyo Yuden 8x in both - and +


It can`t be the burner, I copied ShrekII with DVDXCopy without any problems on RitekG04.

Update: Burned a prodiscf01 on nec3500 (maddog) using 2fa firmware, dvdshrink, dvdcrypter, at 8x (which works great on my Pioneer a07xl), and it plays for a minute and wigs out. Definately got better results than I did with X copy platinum, but still not good. With the prodiscf01’s, the Pioneer is definately the champion drive.
Kprobe on 4x burn of prodiscf01 burned at 4x on nec3500 is PI 36.66, PIF .22
PI max 350, PIF max 208. Plays fine.

Kprobe on 8x burn of prodiscf01 on nec3500 is PI 141.60, PIF 8.33, PI max 1015, PIF max 221, and won’t play on either of my two desktop players.

End result: prodiscf01’s burn fine up to 8x on Pioneer a07xl, and ok at 4x on NEC3500. Better burns with DVDSHRINK/DVDCRYPTER than with DVD XCOPY Platinum.