3500 DVD+-R won't play in my Raite

I have an old DVD player (Raite Avphile 713K). It is a good one. It plays everything.
Now I have the NEC DVD burner and it doesn’t recognize nor DVD-R and nor DVD+R.
I read that it has to according to some annonimous reports in some sites.

Do you have any tip to get the most compatible/friendly burned DVD in order to get it work?

(settings, OS, burning software, speed, etc)

I tested Verbatim and Memorex media and nothing happened.
I tested Nero 6.xxxx (the last one until october 2004) and Clone DVD.

Please help!


Did you try with bitsetting to dvd-rom on dvd+r media? And, don’t burn at high speed, try to make as low errors as you can. I had similar problem, an old Pioneer standalone had problems with my burns made by Liteon, while all other players accepted it. Switching to NEC solved all incopatibility problems.

hey, thanks for answering so quick!

I didn’t try it ( I think :S) When Nero was staring to burn it said “default book adopted DVD-Rom” (if I remember well).

Just in case: where do I need to change this bitsetting to dvd-rom?

Thanks a lot!

Even if you set Nero to change the booktype to dvd-rom, I doubt it really did so, because your stock firmware that came with the drive does not let you change it. If you want to change booktype to dvd-rom, you must use some other firmware version such as Maddog’s, Liggy’s or Herrie’s (I am not sure if all of them support bitsetting-use forum search and find out). I use version 2.27 plus, you can find more about it here:
For changing the firmware and booktype, all you need is a binflash utility, you can find it here:
Download Win32 GUI version, then backup your current firmware. Search and download firmware that you want to flash (.bin file), and do it also with binflash. After that, you can change the booktype to dvd-rom.

Oh My God… I started to read the reviews about the firmwares and they are 4 pages of opinions…

The flasher I got it, ok
The 2.27 is located…where? of who?

Thank you very much for taking the time!

I prefer Herrie´s 2.17 with bitsetting. Ready to flash… :slight_smile:

You can d/l from here.

BTW, backup (dump) your current firmware with the flasher (Binflash) in above link

Thanks you very much guys!
I will test it at home and tell about the results…

It’s really annoying that in every dvd player the DVD can be played and in mine, just because I bought it on 1999, I can’t.
I really hope it will solve the compatibility problem…


I upgraded the firmware (now shows 2.17 instead 2.16) and I changed the booktype to DVD-ROM and burned one DVD+ and it worked on my old good Raite!!!

But I still have a small question: before I did it, I checked that nero let me change the booktype (going to recorder/options), but I didn’t try to burn with it, because I was so anxious that I flash the firmware and tried like this.

Now, what with the DVD-R? they have some influence in any way to get read in the player? How can improve the chances to get a readable burn?

Thanks a lot guys, you are the best!

Glad it works… :smiley:

About Nero and bitsetting. There has been numerous posts regarding Nero 6.3.1.XX screwing up the default (or auto) bitsetting to DVD-ROM.
Make sure you choose “Current recorder setting” in dialog -Book Type Settings-, Options in Burn-window, before you push the “Burn” button.
[My pic from Nero Express]

And finally, DVD-R´s (dash) don´t need any bitsetting when we look at this group of media compatibility-vise. (Interested members can have a look in Technical Discussions Forum.) :cool:

Something weird happened.
The option thaa you show me in the image here below, I saw yesterday and selected “current recorder setting”.
Today I tried to see it and the whole dropbox dissapeared.
What does it mean?
Are the dvd+r discas dvd-rom type or what?


Here “bitsetting” choice only shows-up in Nero Express. Are you sure you didn´t use Nero Burning Rom at the time when this happend. :wink:

BTW, Check the booktype on last +R burns with Nero CD/DVD Speed and/or with InfoTool (discInfo).

Attaching a pic of Binflash bitsetting tool. Thank again Liggy.

The bittsetting option is available in Nero Burning ROM. Just click the option button shown.


Oh yeah, you are so right… I was just hoping we could put that one away. Why? If you have two or more dvdrw recorders, you never notice you are burning +R boktype, when you think you burn dvd-rom, only because one recorder not supporting bitsetting. That setting is by default “current recorder setting”. Let it be that way!

The setting in question (express) is in “burning-dialog” and much easier to remember and for that matter change with every burn. :cool:

but… but…
I was in that dialog box yesterday. I swear! I saw the “current recorder setting” option and I choose it.
Now it’s gone. I see the other options when I press the “options” button but there is no dropbox.
I don’t know if the presence of another CD- burner (not DVD burner) has something to do with it.
With the binflash gui I see everything is ok, but since i can’t make a DVD+RW work on my DVD player (raite) I think maybe something go wrong.
I re-installed Nero and it didn’t retur the option.
Maybe if I have a way to verify that I burned DVD-ROM booktype on the disc, it will give me the security of what I am doing.
The DVD info doesn’t give this info.
How can I know if I burning DVD-ROM?
(I’m about toget totally mad!!)

The second device in my system is a CD burner, so that shouldn’t be the problem. Here’s what the expanded dialog looks like.


josigrin, you don’t have an RW disc in the 3500 do you? I put a +RW in the drive and the bitsetting dropdown isn’t there. Take the +RW out, the dropdown returns.

To mess it up even more, the booktype (bitsetting function) resides in firmware, so it can in no way be ONLY media dependendent.

Leave the settings in Nero on “current drive setting”. Use Liggy´s BinFlash and set your booktype whatever you like, whenever! :cool:

Finally, bitsetting on DVD-/+RW´s is yet not supported.

Oh! C’mon! you know everything! :slight_smile:
Yes, after a lot of dumped to the trash discs, I started to use an RW one and I wanted to make a DVD-ROM on it.
Is it possible?
I triple checked with DVDinfo Pro that my default is DVD-ROM. Can I burn one like this on a DVD+RW?

(Thanks for all your answers!!)

oh, we posted almost at the same time. So the answer is no?
I can’t see movies on my old player with RW discs…
Ok, it’s not the end of the world.
I learned a lot and even I think I can help other newbies (more than me) :wink:
Thanks a lot guys!