3500 DVD burns degrading over time

I have been burning with my 3500 using Teton disks from Staples. That’s CMC MAG E01 and CMC MAG AE1 media. After less than a month they are degrading. I copied 6 disks worth of old home movies and now they are almost unwatchable and can’t be copied because of read failures. Right after burning they verified and were watchable.

Any suggestions? Do I just need to buy better media? I put stick on lables on them all. Does that degrade them?

Thanks in advance.

It’s the labels! The darn thing shrink and deform the disk. Playback usually stalls the further you travel from the center. Remove 'em with Ronson lighter fluid or just plain old Naphtha. Soak the label for a few minutes and it’ll pull right off. And I betcha your disk will be watchable again!

I found that alcohol is a solvent for the labels. Will that hurt the DVD?

it shouldn’t… but really what do you have to lose?

I know this thread is not really right for this forum but I trust you guys here after lurking in the background for many months reading the posts. I spent hours and hours transfering these VHS old home movies to DVD and was crushed to find they were ruined.

Well, after taking the label off, they seem (at least one so far) to be back to good. Are there any labels that can be used that don’t shrink and ruin the DVD? The labels are really nice to have on them. I never had this problem with CD’s.

you may not have had the issue YET with cds but don’t worry it is coming.

if you want labels get printable media and an epson r series printer.

i was thinking that i might have been a bit cryptic here…
cd media degrades with labels. most of my labeled cds are unreadable inside of 2 years. with dvds the reason you notice so fast is that any warpage from the label is affecting a disk with a data density of 7x the data density of a cd (4.7gb vs .7gb) so ANY change will be noticed much quicker.

Always use quality media (made in Japan) and Sharpie permanent marker. Do not paste anything to the top of the DVD.

If you want to remove labels (they unbalance the dvd and it won’t play near the end)
Spray label with WD40, leave for 30 mins
Carefully peel label away, wash dvd in warm slightly warm soapy water.
Dip dvd into clean water and pat dry with a paper kitchen towel

dvd will now work

Thank-you for all the replies. If I go to printing my labels directly onto the DVD, do I have to dump the 150 DVD’s that I presently have. Will it make a big mess printing on them or just not look as good as using printable DVD’s?

I also found that if I soak the DVD label in alcohol for 5 min. the label must release the DVD to its proper shape and is again readable for some length of time ( I haven’t determined that time yet.)

its not shape, its balance
You can only print on printable dvdr, the surface is special
printable dvdr are approx £5 for 25 so 150 = £30