3500, dual layer discs. What burn speed?

Firmware LD 2.TG.

I really haven’t burnt any so I’m unsure.

The blanks are Verbatim DVD+R DL.
Decrypter shows 2.4x and 4x burn speeds.

I’ve only tried 2.4x with success.

Does anyone burn these at 4x?

(I accidentally clicked the “burn” button while 8x was still selected and killed one blank. ugh.)

But DVD would have adjusted the speed to at least 4x if you had chosen 8x for DL.
So, it seems to be better to stay with 2.4x on the 3500…

Indeed, this is what I had thought as well, but, it actually (according to DVDD log) started the burn at 8x.

There was no progress for about 20 seconds (the 3500’s green LED was on indicating it had began writing), then I got a dialog box stating there was a ‘Power calibration’ error or something, at which point, I hit cancel but had to wait for 20 retries before it aborted.

Subsequently, DVDD seemed to indicate that the disc was still writeable (empty), but if I attempted to burn something onto it, I get the same error as above, i.e., the disc was ruined.

I just thougt this was interesting…

Try with ImgBurn then. :wink:

well it seems to work fine when I implicitly select 2.4x, or else I would’ve given ImgBurn a try-- I wasn’t sure either if Imgburn could handle DL .iso’s and be able to properly create the LB without an mds file explicitly dictating where to put it. DVDD does.

That’s the speciality of ImgBurn and it is the “son of DVDDecrypter”. :wink:

hmm, now with that in mind, I am going to install it and give it run next time I need to burn a DL disk.