3500 does not burn Ritek G04 very well?

I must have the wrong firmware in on the drive, every burn I make on Ritek G04 media @4x have very high PI of 150 or more PO around 15 to 30. I have firmware 2.18. This is most likely not the best but I’m not sure which one would be better. Any help would be appreciated.


I use the Ritek 8x -R (G05) media in both my 3500’s and have not thrown a coaster in 190 +/- burns - I use the 2.18btrpc and 2.FC firmwares-


Ritek quality is fluctuating. Probably bad batch.

  • Ritek G04 @8x with 2.TA
  • Ritek G04 @8x with 2.TB

what brand are they?

if they are not Ridata, Traxdata, Arita or printables with the Ritek logo then they could be poor quality discs.

They are Office Depot Brand got a good deal and thought that being Ritek they would be great.