3500 Confused Firmwares



Ok I’ve done a little searching and can’t seem to find the answer, there are just so many different f/w for the 3500. Basically I want something like Liggy’s 3.04 bitsetting f/w for the 3520.

I just want the most up-to-date official f/w (or maddog, iodata rebadges) with the newest write strategies, riplock removed, bitsetting, and no media speed edits, just stock burning speeds. I wish it was just as easy as omnipatcher :sad:

Anyway, what is a good f/w for my needs? :confused: If its rpc1 thats cool too, but its not required.


you have done some searching?

try : http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=128345
this is the most recent firmware and it is good.
alot of time and effort has put into it.

you can read all about.


Well if you look at my sig, you would see I already have that f/w and that I am not satisfied with it. I want one without strategy swaps or media speed-ups.


Then go with 2.FD


I’ve done comparisons with necdump and I agree with you.

Is it possible to have this f/w with riplock removed and bitsetting for all + media and reported as _NEC DVD_RW ND-3500AG instead of the maddog name? I would be so happy with that. :bigsmile:


The link above does exactly what you want. :smiley:


According to the info on the fw page (see link), this version does everything asked, except dvd+rw bitsetting. Is that correct?


Oops, double post.


Hmm, I didn’t notice the link last night, you sneaky person :bow:
Thank you very much, going to flash it now! Oh and +RW bitsetting is nice, but it’s not way high on my list. I’m mostly using +R and some +R9, thanks again.

EDIT: Just flashed and I still have the option for +RW bitsetting so all is good.


I have found that once I burn a +RW with bitsetting, it sticks no matter what I burn it on next. This would allow you to set the bit with that firmware and then go to a better optional firmware while keeping your bitsetting on burned discs.


No. It does also +RW Bitsetting. :iagree: