3500 burn quality

Hi everyone,

This is a great forum and I learned so much from it. Anyway, I just got my 3500 and flashed with TDK firmware 2c8. It worked so far so good. I am quite pleased with it.

I have a question though. In general, is it the slower the dvd (dvd-/+r) burn, the better the quality of the dvd? Let’s say I have some 4x fuji TYG01 dvd which can be burned at 8x. If I burn one at 2x and another one at 8x, is the quality of the 2x one going to be better than 8x one? By quality I mean results from kprobe and nero dvdspeed. Is there any consensus? Unfortunately, I don’t have a Liteon drive to test it so that I can’t share the results with the peers. I think it would be good to ask here. I am interested in this because I always prefer quality (life and integrity of the data on the dvd) than speed.


The quality will not be much better at 2x, because this drive is optimised for high speed recording (you should not burn slower than 4x with this drive, unless the media won’t allow you to). However, the best quality burns with those TY discs should be at their certified speed, 4x.

Slower is not always better, that depends on the media as well (e.g. the new 16x media doesn’t burn really well at 4x).



Let your 3500 burn at the rated speed of the media - or what the firmware decides is the best speed - for optimum results-

Good media=Good burns-