3500 AVAILABLE at New Egg

They have 3500’s available @ New Egg!



That is awesome-

Leave it to Newegg to find some more stock-they’re going to sell a whole lot of these!!


It’s GONE…
Also, it’s interesting to see the 3500A is more expensive than the 3520 (newer model)…Amen!

That says alot if you know what I mean.


I don’t see where it is Gone - Gone - just sold out - now out of stock-


What is the difference in the 3500A and the 3520A? Is there something that makes the 3500A more desirable than the newer 3520A? As noted, the 3500A is currently out of stock, and is approximately $10 more than the 3520A.

I would like to have the silver model to match my Lian Li case, and I am assuming that all models of the same number are the same drive, but just in different colored cases. If this is not the case, please let me know.




IMO - the 3500 is a tank and the 3520 is a Hummvee - both do well - one just better than the other-


Not trying to hi-jack the thread but I just got an email confirmation today that my Mad Dog Dominator 6-in-1 (The NEC ND2500A OEM version) had gotten shipped! :slight_smile: That has a $30 rebate with it but it was only $49.99 to begin with so even if I don’t get the rebate for some reason it’s not a big loss. I’m happy that I’ll have a 2500A again though for sure! Great little drive for 4x media if nothing else. :slight_smile:

Yo Braxas-

Good for you - the 2500 is a tank also - great little drive!!


I found the listing for the out-of-stock 3500A at Newegg and requested that I be notified when more came in. Now the listing has disappeared altogether, and the 3520A is the only one available. It does come in silver for a couple of dollars more, and it also ships with Roxio software–however, they are out of stock on that one also. The silver 3520A is available without the software.

Additionally, I have found a source for 900+ beige and black OEM 3500’s. I believe they are asking $70 each for them. Don’t know what shipping is. The same company is selling the 3500’s on eBay for $55 each, with shipping of $15–which puts us back at the aforementioned $70 price.

I guess my question is, are the 3500’s enough superior to the 3520’s that I should spend $70 for one, then paint the bezel silver, or should I simply buy the silver 3520 for $64 delivered and be happy that I don’t have to paint anything? :slight_smile:

Also, any recommendations as to whether the Roxio software is worth waiting on? I have been ripping and burning with DVD Xcopy on my NEC 3100 laptop burner. I found it interesting that there are recommendations for ripping with one drive and burning with a different drive! It has to be the software that allows you to do this–right? If so, what software are you using? I do know that it takes over an hour to rip an 8GB DVD with my 3100, although the burn time is 10-15 minutes. The nice thing is that I haven’t had a single bad burn!

Many thanks!


After reading many posts and opinions I grabbed a 3500 a few weeks ago so
could swap out my 2500 (I’m going to use it in another project).
Most of the posts I read showed the 3500 being a more reliable burner than
the 3520. I think my 3500 is perfect for burning at 12x with cheap disks.
I bought a BenQ 1620 for testing disks and as a co-burner when I burn
2 disks at once. I have a LG-4120 for a ripper/ reader and I don’t remember my last
I use Nero 6 (and Record Now) for burning software, I personally don’t like roxio. DVD Shrink & DVD Decrypter are awlsome for making finished disks
and it doesn’t hurt that they’re free. These are all opinions and there are
many differing ones on this forum.

I ordered both black and silver [for Lian-Li] 3500s from Newegg last Monday when I saw them listed as available. I did not care that they were more $$ than the 3520s. I was happy my order went through but yesterday the order was modified by Newegg, and the black one was cancelled.

I use a 3500/2F8 in my Dell PE400SC, and I use inkjet printable Memorex 32X CD-Rs [Verbatim 52X when the Memorexes run out], and TY 8X DVD+R [these burn at 16X with great quality]

I also have a PX-708A [what a disappointment!] and a Sony DRX-500UL [my first burner]. The ND-3500 was a fantastic buy. I lurked on this site for a while while I researched the NEC, so thanx to all that contribute, and to firmware modifiers…


Wish I had known about the silver 3500’s before they were gone! I would gladly have paid the extra $$ for one. I may just go ahead and buy a beige bezel 3500 and try to paint it for my Lian Li case.

If you still want a black one, I can tell you where to find them for $70–I just have to look it up.


Okay, here is the link to the store with the NEC 3500A’s. They say they have in excess of 900 units available in either beige or black. I think the black is $2 more than the beige. Shipping is by UPS only, but I don’t know how much it is. Let me know if you think this is a “legitimate” site with “legitimate” OEM’s of the 3500A:



I got a semi-used NEC 3500 I bought from NewEgg back in December. Comes with NERO and audio cables. If anyone is interested in buying it let me know. I recently went to a beige case and it no longer matches my computer. It comes installed with a Cooler Master Silver Panel (black NEC inside).

Hey Scarlett, I’m in the same boat as you. Looking for another NEC 3500A for work. I haven’t heard of this vendor either. Have you tried contacting this vendor yet or any luck with any other?

I found another site but I never heard of them, could be good,could be nasty!


I heard they were on ebay too.

Check out some comments from people who’ve dealt with them… Might want to stay away from them…


Never heard of the other vendor umc888.com but I’d be VERY VERY CAREFUL…


Hi, dxkim–Sorry to be so late responding (out of town for a funeral).

I did not order from the site that I listed. I specifically wanted a silver drive, and I kept looking until I found six (6) of them at the following site:


I was so excited that I just ordered one immediately–didn’t check their rating with reseller.com. I think I paid $70.46 which includes the FedEx Ground shipping. I have since checked their rating, and it’s a little over 5. The ratings do seem to range from the sublime to the ridiculous–very little middle ground. The “very dissatisfied” comments seem to indicate that these items are refurbished. The description for the 3500 that I ordered stated that it is “New with manufacturer’s warranty.” We shall see.

I ordered this drive on Sunday, received a confirmation email and was told that I would receive another after the drive shipped. I have not yet received the shipment email, but I was able to track the order at dumpinggoods.com and I got the FedEx tracking number from them. Tracking the shipment through FedEx revealed that the item shipped yesterday and is due to be delivered here in Austin on Thursday.

Their inventory immediately dropped to 5 after I ordered my drive, so their website is functioning properly, at the very least. :slight_smile: I am debating about ordering another drive before they are all gone, but I am still trying to decide if I need a different brand for ripping. Any advice or recommendations will be appreciated!

I will check back in after the drive arrives to let you know whether this was a good experience.


Scarlett I wouldn’t use a 3500 for a ripper, I use my LG or my Benq 1620. Alot of people LOVE the Aopen DVD readers, they are cheap. I see quite a few heavy users buy a Benq 1620 or a Lite On to do disc quality tests plus all drives have different media favorites. Ask “Dee-27”
she really knows burners inside-out.