3500 and TYG02 only 12x?

My Fuji DVD-R TYG02 will only burn at 12x in my 3500 using herries’ 2.17

16x is not a option in
DVD decrypter

Any ideas?

6:45 sec or so for a 4.7GB

Doh, I just checked the firmware and I see this only should burn at 12x, it is the DVD+R TY that burn at 16x…

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TG02 burns only 12x with firmware 2.17. The DVD+R (YUDEN000T02) will burn at 16x

Use Liggy’s beta4 firmware and it will burn TY02’s @16x

Why was this 16x Speed removed in later Beta firmwares.

Because of quality? Having a successfull burn at 16x not necessarily means that you can read back the disc smoothly. Sometimes you can’t read it back at all…

As far as I know, 12x has been proven to be the max. reliable speed for TY-R media. TY+R can be burned at 16x, but with caution! Do not overspeed when your data is important!

Fine, this is what I wanted to hear.