3500 and problems burning cd's?

I’ve never had a single issue ripping or burning dvd’s, but cd’s are another story. I’d say about half of the attempts fail (makes great coasters). I using Nero (latest updates) and have tried TDK 48X and Memorex 52x blanks. Has anyone else experienced issues buring cd’s? I also posted a few days ago, with no responses, about the Joint Ops expansion cd not being read. Well, magically today it is recognized.
On a side note to this, I seem to burn more coasters using Liggy’s beta’s, so I went back to the 2C8 (riplock removed) version. I stress, however, this is only with cd’s. Dvd’s work with no issues.


Memorex 52x burn fine, but the speed is limited on 16x only (i post about this here: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=112729 )
With Philips 48x everythings is ok…
I’m using original 2.18 firmware. I hope some new firmware will increase burn speed on Memorex cdr.