3500 AG will it ever do what NEC sayd it would?

I guess Lite-On doesn’t quite fall into that category… you can run Kprobe after all. Uhm… anyway. :eek: :bigsmile:

Hey, my LiteOn burns a mean CDr!!! :iagree: :wink: :iagree:

hey thx alot for the answer :)!! il try the quickie fw tomorrow morning, can i aks you another thing tho? :confused:

look i made a dvd out of a iso im my hd
this pic is from dvddecripter at 16X

i dont know if thats about quality or errors or anithing like that but i know its not close to good hehehe so i tryed again at 8X with dvddecripter and i got

as you can see it looks bad any way ive seen some very nice almost perfect lines hehehe

so finally i made a 8X with nero just to check…

and again is all over the place is it normall? i wonder why it looks like that maybe is because my hardrives where been used by other programs? ( flashget ) well please tell me what you think is it normal to have a line like that when you burn at 8X ? thx again

( o and btw the media you linked is the media i use i vene bought it there hehehe >< ) :iagree:

Thanks for the transfer scans. Yes - they definitely indicate a problem. Do you have any other dvd-rom or burner drives that might be able to do quality scans. Let us know what you’ve got and somebody can help you out with what addition tolls that you might be able to use.

Also, I would recommend Liggy and Dee’s firmware since your RitekRo4 shows up on their list of media codes that they have worked on. I do not see it on Quickee’s. Remember to following the directions precisely when flashing you drive.

Ritek uses G0x in the MID for -/dash media and R0x for +/plus media.

bumer look i installed the quikie fw ( i was using the dee & lee one you recomend!! ) and look what i got that is the same dvd i tested like 30 minutes ago now which do i belive the result i got with dee & lee or the result i got with quikies fw?? o btw i would use quikies but he only allows me to burn my discs at 4X i want 8X >< thanks for the answers umm this is very odd well if now is showing a almost perfect line then it mean is ok if i burn it using the dee and lee fw at 8X even if when i test it with their firmware it says is not ok? this is all very confusing :confused:

another thing i want to test for the ips and eps errors i go to the options in ner cd-dvd speed then i go to the test cd for errors thing but it dosent let me push the “iniciar” buton ( thats the star buton in english i guess ) i dont know why? well im going to bed il change the firmware back to lliggys again when i wake up and il run the test again to see if i get yet another result maybe that way il be abeable to check for the eps and ips errors? thanks for the help guys.

-=-=-=–= Edited =-=–=-=-=-=

i will run the tests in my fathers and sisters pc to see whats up there also in a old pc that well simply hates the guts of every dvdv i burn and never never reads them well. hehe well il try any way >< il post later hopefully you guys will understand the pictures

Hey Juliox-

Lets move your discussion into either Quickee’s of Dee’s thread. I’m sure that they can give more/better guidance then I can. I am still confused by Ridata claiming that there media will burn at 16x and NEC’s stock media only offering it at 2.4X with higher speeds only available from the firmware mods. Definitly look for good scans from other media codes before pick up another spindle of dvds.

ok i will post in their posts to ask them maybe they will know whats going on

Why dont you take it easy. Not everyone spends all day on these forums, hence, knows the ins and outs of their burner. They rely on whats printed on the box, like million of others.

Before you get high and mighty, perhaps you should spend enough time to read the rest of the thread. Yes, I was a harsh and I really don’t have an excuse for that other than his initial post really mad me angry (other adjectives would probably be inappropriate). However, afterwards felt I extremely guilty after seeing the class of others in the forum, so I attempted to be a bit more useful instead of the backside of a mule.

And now that I have done more of a background search on your behaviour, I see that this kind of activity is par for the course for you. This thread had been resolved and dead for over a day before you came in here to give a meaningless post. What gives???

Anyways - :slight_smile:

If you admit you were harsh than my point is valid, take it easy, if you’re sorry then fine, no need to get defensive unless you’re feeling guilty, right?

I am “defensive” (more like irritated), since your post came well after I dealt with my “guilt” with Juliox. Your point, though accurate, was posted well after it would have had any validity. At this point I am pretty sure that you are just trying to instigate an argument.

BTW - your PM was very much appreciated. Perhaps I should forward it to a moderator??? Though my original comment to Juliox might have been inappropriate, I am quite sure that the content of your PM is not tolerated at all. Anyways, thank you for that as it gives me true insight to the depths of your own character and maturity. :wink:

It makes your scramble for the moral high ground sort of empty.

I apologize to the forum for filling this thread with drivel.

Moderators…perhaps it would be best (is it possible?) if this entire thread was deleted/removed? :cop: :iagree:

just ignore boobytrap…as you saw yourself…his posts are pretty much worthless.


You are entirely correct and I need to follow your advice. I am letting human nature get the best of me with the need to get the last word in. :a Pretty pathetic on my part. I will resist the temptation to open this thread again. :cool:

don’t worry…he seems to like to try and push people’s buttons but just comes across as an [edited for content] [edited again for content] :cool:

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