3500 AG will it ever do what NEC sayd it would?

hello very one this is my first post so i made sure i read the other posts before i posted now,

i bougth the burner from newegg i updated it with the dangerous brothers firmware it riped great but it burned my GO4 at 4X i was hopoing like 8X but o well 4 was ok, then i bougth 100 16X G05’s… they only burn at 4X!!! that made me very ver angry i was about to send the darn thing back but then i decided to try another firmware i used the LD one, and well it says it can burn to 16X i see the option rigth there, however at 4X a full dvd takes 15 minutes so why does a dvd at 16X take 8? it shoudl take like 3 tops imo? or is just me :a any way dvd decripter shows that is staying at 11.3 tops and 5.9 minimium i was hoping 16 well i bougth it because they sayd it was going to do 16x so what em i doing wrong 16X good quality media 16X Nec good quality burner i dont know whats going on but is pissing me off i wonder if i can still get my money back from newegg maybe is to late, is this hting burning at 3 minutes or atleast 5 for any one? maybe is my fault cna any one give me a hand opinion or something liek that? well thanks alot :slight_smile: a very pissed dude, :frowning:


Your (and any) burner is limited by its firmware as to how fast it writes a particular media (as controlled by MID code on disc) - not what the media maker rates their disc- your G05 Ritek 8x -R’s will burn at 4x or 8x or 12x in your 3500 - DEPENDING on the firmware version-

You have avery good burner in the 3500 - you just need to spend some time in here to understand its potential and its limitations-

The 16x you keep referring to is generally understood by most users as meaning “up to 16x” and that is not just for the NEC’s - but all burners-


Damn mike you answered this one fast. I was spending most of my time rereading his sentences. Quite confusing and the spelling doesn’t help either. It’s either you didn’t read the other post as you had stated or you didn’t understand them. The 3500ag is quite a good burner, especially for its price. Read the firmware and see what they do for each media. Or if your not to fw savvy, You should just use the nec FW 2.18 and see how that goes. Try not to go all crazy so fast.

All DVD-Burners start at a slower speed then slowly work their way upwards to 16x. If the media hits a certain point, say 12x or around there, on a particular media it will not go any faster and limit itself because it would generate more errors than you want.

Now, if you want to burn at 16x, then go get 16x media OR something like the 8x Taiyo Yuden DVD+R’s although I’d still only recommend burning them at 12x. My only question is: How fast do you really need to go? Is the extra 5 minutes for a burn going to kill you? My god… I remember burning a CD-R at 2x and thinking, “Wow, this is pretty sweet and fast…”. DVD-Burning is awesome considering how much data you are putting on a disc and how fast they burn off (What? About 9-10 minutes at 8x?).

i remember burning CD-Rs at 2X (have the Philips drive around here somewhere)…twas awfully painful…love how you can burn a CD in 2:30 these days.

I wonder who told you that…
G05 is 8x rated.

same experiences here. Philips 2600 CD-R @2x, plus the necessary verify… :eek: Drive is still here & working, hehe.

After the entire burner is only cost $60 and it is not mater of life and dead for you to go crazy and get so much aggravated? Just relax and enjoy burning.

Today I received my NEC 3500 to replace my NEC2500. It arrived with Firmware 2.16 I`ve flashed it to 2.18. I was very happy with my 2500 but it was getting a bit tired. After reading all the reviews on this Forum I deceided to replace it with the 3500 its still abit more money than the 3520 which IMO is not yet the drive of the 3500.
See enclosed scan reading & writing on the 3500 @ 4x. :slight_smile:
I can not really get my head around you ppl that want faster & faster burns. Sure 8x is okay as you can still get a quality burn in 10 mins but why risk a bad burn for speed? I buy quality media (Verbatim Data Life Plus DVD-R) & get good reliable results everytime!
Quest Solver

nice burn! …but faster doesn’t necessarily mean less quality…what many here want is to find the balance between good/dependable quality and speed…that’s part of the fun! (hence all the scanning and whatnot). it’s sort of a hobby for many of us just like pimping out your car or something…

Juliox -

Please sell your burner. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Buy a Benq or LG or Plex. Maybe someone in another forum can help you. :rolleyes: :wink: :rolleyes:

Much sarcasm intended - trying to restrain myself…can’t stop
I can’t wait to get my 64x burner so that I can write a disc in 45seconds :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW - 8X G05 burn fairly well with the right firmware.

damn it - I meant to say that 8x G05 can be burned with decent results @12x. Nevermind.

juliox, I can ensure you, you will have hard time to find a burner able burning RiTEKG05 higher then at 8x speed on stock firmware.

Use this firmware and you can take them up to 12x… :wink:

I won’t re-hash anything the others have said about G05s and firmware, etc. You did ask - or appeared to be under the misunderstanding - that a 16X burn would complete in about 3 minutes or so. There is no 16X burner in production that burns at 16X CLV (Constant Linear Velosity) or in other words at 16x speed start to finish. I’ve read posts from others on this forum more knowledgeable than me that to start at 16x would physically damage the media and/or the drive (paraphrasing).

With actual 16X media, and certain brands of 8x and 12x media, combined with certain frimware, the 3500 will burn a DVD at 16x in CAV (Constant Angular Velosity) - a smooth and steady increase in speed starting at 6X and ending in 16X. A burn at this rate will usually take about 6 minutes and some seconds, maybe 5 minutes and high 50 seconds depending on your burning application and how much lead in and lead out it adds. Personally I burn TYG02, an 8x rated media, at 8x. With Quickee’s hacked firmware I can burn at 16X, but I see too many errors at the end. In fact, I like to see <100 total PIF, which is why I burn at 8X. The difference between 6 minutes and about 10 1/2 minutes just isn’t that big of a deal to me. (Stock firmware burns this media at 12X, but I’ve already given my reasons for burning slower.)

And Quality? I also have an NEC 2500@2510 and a Pioneer 107, both 8X burners. Neither can burn this media at 4X, 6X or 8X and come anywhere close the burn quality of the 3500.

Don’t expect a Ferrari for the price of a Yugo. You got a Buick or maybe a Cadillac for that price and that’s still a pretty damn good bargain!

Yo placeway-

Very well said-

It never fails to amaze me how some will take a little information - and blow it out of proportion-

Guess that maybe the spelling gave away some of the mentality - just an educated guess-

Bet 'ya that it turns out to be a “come and gone”



If you take a look at this you can see that 8X is not always less than 4X. This was burned on my 3500 w/2.18 at 8X.


ok i guess my post was very very confusing hehehe let me re-confuse you err re-type it, what i mean to say is i have in my hand a 16X rated Ridata DVD i sayd G05 because i tought that was the name i guess i was wrong is G06 right? any way im not triying to burn a 8x at 16 im triying to burn a 16X rated ridata at 16X i understand they start slow and then get to 16X im conplaining because it never hited even 12X.

Ok after reading more i got the whole concept VLC and the rest it turns out i dint restarted my pc yesterday i did today and is burning at 13X then it goes crazy and drops to 4X but at the end i get my dvd at 6 minutes 38 seconds wich is what i want!! now ill just look for a way to check for errors, i want to see hwo many it has can some one tell me how to? if it has to many il stick with 8X, slow and steady works for me if fast and furious wont play back after 2 weeks hahahahahaha. Btw whats that about WF firmware? i havent heard about them il go search the forums.

thanks for all the info guys and sorry for all the grammar erros or is gramar? :o …

dear Mike:

aw harsh yes my english sucks but dont be so cold :sad: well i guess you get like that after answering stupid questinos over and over to the mindless hordes of zombies that atak the forums every day ( i have forums to i cant belive i became one ><), or how you guys call em comers and goners :iagree:? no really ill stick around i like this hehehe and you cant really blame me if i dint knew about 16X CLV (Constant Linear Velosity) and CAV (Constant Angular Velosity) nero only shows a bar with the % and i never stoped to think if he was really burning the whole time at XX speed, i cant find any paper in the box the dvd burner came in, that has that info nither. Look at the bright side now ill be here to tell every other mindless zombie about CLV and CAV i feel like a missionary already hahaha :cop: !!!, o and i see they arent called G05, this are R04 right? ummm i wonder why they droped the G? (again if only my Mword would help me with the spelling in english we could all be happier)

Thanks again guys :bow: !

sorry for the double post but it dosent let me edit the post after 30 mins you guys know the rules ><

Perhaps I should have been supportive, however it was just to much fun to flame you :). Anyway, does the following link look like your RiData media?


If so - the the media code your looking for is RitekR04, which has me a bit confused since in Dee’s explanation of the her mods to the firmware, that one shows up as 2.4x in the stock 2.18 firmware with her mods allowing upto 12x. So I am not quite sure what Meritline and Ridata are refering to. Maybe some of the Moderators know more about this. I myself have never burned anything with that media code.

As for time saving with increasing burn speeds, its always a case of diminishing return. Since the max speeds that a drive attain are reached at successively later points in the burn (typically, I think i have seen some clv burns out there that have reached twelve and the drop back down?), then the amount of time you save moving up to the next becomes less and less. Thus just because you double your speed, don’t expect your burn time to be cut in half. It just isn’t a linear relationship.

And as for speed of the burns, that really isn’t of prime importance, as others have pointed out. It is about maintaining the best burn that you find acceptable at the highest speed possible. The higher error rates in your burn will probably damage the compatibility, playback, and longevity of your burns.

Also remember that your in the NEC forum, so insulting the drive is not likely to win you much in the way of a sympathetic ear. Also take a look at the number of people hanging out in the NEC forum relative to the other manufacturers. It definitly appears to be the most popular recording hardware forum at freaks (and I think the support that Quickee, Liggy and Dee as well as the rest of the Mods on the NEC forum have alot to do with that :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: ).

Now if your looking for the best firmware for your NEDC, then travel no further than the two links below. Both Quickee and Dee are extremely responive and will go out of their way to try to help you out and give advice. Which one you end up using will probably just be a matter of personal preference.

One last thing, look at the results other people get from their burns in these threads, that way you will generally know what to expect. Then if you have problems, do some quality scans so that the folks in the forum can help out.

Quickee’s firmware thread

Liggy and Dee’s firmware thread

God, I wrote to much. And please disregard all spelling and grammar mistakes. Being that I went through the public school system in the US, english is pretty much my second language (nor did I proof read any of it!). :bigsmile:


BTW, if you a drive that will never do what it says, then get a BTC :iagree: :iagree: