3500 4x max burn speed help!

hi guys,

i just bought the 3500 and i use a laptop so i bought a usb2 enclosure for it. the enclosure plugs into a belkin usb2 hub pc card cos my laptop is a bit old and doesnt have usb2.

everything seems fine until i burn in nero…it lets me select 8x when using datawrite grey (fujifilm03) but then it burns really slow, taking about 15mins to burn a full disc. i used the determine max speed option and it showed my usb2 hdd and my laptop hdd to be over 9x speed so i know its not a data flow problem. the buffer is always full too.

i have firmware 2.16 atm but i tried 2.27 and 2f8 but there was no change. i read that the speed problems might be to do with the external enclosure chip? i have an ali m5621 iirc…

any help is much appreciated.




if it helps my enclosure is exactly the same as this except its usb2 only…http://secure.newegg.com/app/CustratingReview.asp?DEPA=1&item=17-145-316

does the 40pin ide cable need replacing to a 80pin cable??

Am I right in thinking you tested the extrenal USB2 Speed device with a Harddisk ?
If yes, that is not the same, since Atapi Devices are not so well supportet by the IDEtoUSB2 chipsets.
For example my extrenal USB2 device is horrible slow in reading from Atapi Devices. With USB2 I get 6x an with FW I get 10x. Then I rechecked with a Harddisk an got >22MB for USB2 and >33MB for FW. So you can blame the lousy designed translator chip for the poor performance.
I will return my device by the End of the week, I is not acceptable that an external 5 1/4" enclosure doesn’t work well with Atapi devices. If I want to use a Harddisk I go for an external 3,5" solution…

thx for reply. just to clarify i have a seperate usb2 hdd and the 3500 in a usb2 enclosure connected to a belkin usb2 hub pc card.

u reckon its the crappy chip in the enclosure? or shall i send the 3500 back and get a replacement?

If you are using both the USB2 hard drive and the USB2 CD burner at the same time, you are likely going to run into some slower burns.

My dad has the 3500 in a firewire/usb enclosure. When he burns data from his USB2 hard drive to his 3500, he can only burn at 4-6x to 8x media.

However, if he plugs the 3500 into the firewire port and then burns data from his USB2 hard drive he gets the rated 8x out of the drive.

You are probably just pushing too much data throught the USB interface for your machine to keep up at full speed, therefore it slows down to ensure a good burn.

The good news is that the difference between 4x and 8x is approx 15 minutes to 10 minutes…so it’s not that big of a deal. But I understand wanting to get full speed out of it.