$35 Google Chromecast streams anything Chrome plays to your TV

We’ve just posted the following news: $35 Google Chromecast streams anything Chrome plays to your TV[newsimage]http://static.myce.com//images_posts/2013/07/Chromecast-95x75.png[/newsimage]

Google has announced Chromecast, a device capable of streaming a variety of TV services from the Chrome browser to the TV. It also features mirroring support (currently in beta), where anything that can be shown in the Chrome browser is shown on the TV, including video.

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“By using a Smartphone or tablet, the device effectively doubles up as its remote, as the phone or table is used to control what is played.”

So, do I need a smart table, or will any dinning table do? :clap::smiley:

There doesn’t seem to be support for playback of local files, and without that, I’m not interested. Of course, someone may write an app for that soon enough.

Edit: Fixed the typo

If I could get it, I’d already have one.
Can’t wait to flash it with custom fw so that it is usable :wink:

Kerry56, if it will truly stream any web video, it should already have PLEX support. Among other viewing methods, PLEX allows for streaming content using it’s included web player.

I’d like to see the list of supported TV’s if it has those features (controlling input & volume). Is there some common “smart TV” standard that supports those features ?
My 2003/2004 design Marantz plasma still looks better than any LED and LCD I have ever seen. It better considering it was once a $9000 plasma! But it has no USB support. I wonder if a device like this could work with USB on my Panny blu ray or XBOX ? You might think XBOX defeats the purpose but I don’t, considering the features this Chrome thing has.

ivid. It will most likely work from your cell fone charger…

D’oh ! Thanks I read wrong, my bad. For some reason I thought it said it plugged into the USB on TVs, not the HDMI. Its one of those days…
At least my plasma has HDMI. One HDMI, and version 1.0 probably considering how old it is :slight_smile:
Now I’m on debro’s page. Bring on the custom fw