$35,000 Prima Cinema Player brings movies home as soon as they hit theaters (eyes-on)

Ready to escape the usual crowd at the movie theater and host your own premieres at home? Prima Cinema has an answer, with the minor requirement of $35,000 (and a few other details) to get your home theater ready for first-run movies. Just as we’d heard when it first popped up a couple of years ago, that large setup fee buys the Cinema Player, a rack-mountable box loaded with a 2TB hard drive and enough DRM to keep the studios happy, plus a wired fingerprint reader used to ensure the owner’s identity.


$35000.00 for the player, $500.00 - $600.00 to unlock the movie. Like this is really going to fly.


This is truly a ridiculous price structure.

Unless of course you count paying for tix and ‘premium on-line fees’, then all the popcorn and sodey-pop for the family and grandparents.

Then that $35,000+ starts coming into focus!!

(Personally, I love the big screen experience with a lot of people - not jammed, perhaps, but hundreds is pretty great. “They’re coming to get you, Bah-bara…”

“Stop it, Johnny. STOP IT!” There’s also someone doing that. And usually, I can chase down Hubby and tackle him, mid-aisle. He’s such a wuss. “You made me spill that $100 Dr Pepper!”

Does that rack have enough space to add a Kaleidescape? Only about 15 or 20 thousand dollars more!


Heck, at that price, I’d expect for a water-slide park AND a carnival.

Let’s see… It’s limited to 25 seat or less home theaters, you can only view a title once in a 24 hour window after paying $500 (or $600 for 3D), The Hardware is $35k. It needs a public, static IP and you need a background check to buy it?

Oh yeah, this is definitely going to be a hot seller! :iagree:

A fraction of HQ HD first run movies leak onto the internet already… and there are plenty of Joe Schmo home theater setups done oodles better for a fraction of the cost (when you factor in the content is free). With this setup, that can only make it more likely when buyers want to recoup their gouged fees for content.

Considering what some people spend on a home theater setup, they might sell quite a few of these. To many $35k and $600 a movie is chump change.

I don’t know about that. I know some people who have 6 figure Home Theaters. They’re way too smart to buy something like this.

If I was flush with cash and could host my own private movie premier parties for $35k plus $600 per movie I might go for it. Especially if I already have a 25 seat theater decked out with a multiple six figure system.

A friend commented, “Y’know, you can rent out Grauman’s for less than this. In fact, you can rent most theaters in North America for far less than this.”

[QUOTE=ChristineBCW;2702308]A friend commented, “Y’know, you can rent out Grauman’s for less than this. In fact, you can rent most theaters in North America for far less than this.”[/QUOTE]
Yeah, only one time though.

I can see this being used by corporate and entertainment industry folks who routinely do business at screenings or host screening parties as a perk to associates. The way to impress high-rollers is to give them something nobody else can have, and while they’re there you get to bend their ear about whatever business you have pending. All tax deductible too.

I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t fly per their licensing scheme, but who knows.