34% of Windows users not willing to pay for upgrade to Windows 10



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But how many of that 34% will still get it for free?
IMHO,it’s easy to say that you don’t wanna pay for it,while already knowing you’ll get it for free…:bigsmile:


considering how MS has ripped people off, well, in my opinion anyway, with every O/S they have released to date plus the absolute abortion that Windows 8 and 8.1 proved to be, with next to no one moving in their direction, i am surprised greatly that the rest of those asked had more money to throw away on this next heap of kaka! the thing that i would have thought that put the most off the most is this ‘you will do this, you will install this up date, you will share you info, you will let us check everything you have running on the machine, you will only be able to install the software that we say you can’! what sort of a buy is that, for goodness sake? it’s taking the ‘you dont own what you paid for, you are just renting it’ to another level, one that i would have thought was gonna piss people off even more than Microsoft has done up to now!!


   I’m one of those so called 34% who will not buy Windows 10 but I also won’t upgrade for free either, a friend of mine has tested Windows 10 and he contends it’s not worth the upgrade one feature that was lost he noticed is Aero also I was told he didn’t like it asking him for his email address he thought that was a privacy issue that should be considered when upgrading.


I’ve coughed up for 5 retail copies of Windows 7 in the past, 2 of them are now gone with the old laptops. So, I will not ever pay any more to upgrade an O/S that I’m very happy with.
This whole thing stinks to me, I and my wife are suffering Windows 8.1 on our new laptops and we both find it abhorrent! Unless anyone knows better it also makes you log in with a Microsoft email account. I can still chose the password, but why does it have to be linked to Microsoft? No Aero!! all those hard edges remind be of Windows past, like 3.11. It sounds like 10 will be as bad in some ways as 8.1 and they ask if people will pay for it, naaa no way, I don’t even want it free. What 's the worst thing, the cessation of support for 7, it will very rapidly become as useless as XP if connected to the net.
Computing used to be fun, now, it’s becoming a totally necessary chore as everything I used to do by phone, I now can only email. my local council will ignore emails when it suits them feigning “we never received it” and they are not the only ones.
Sorry, ranting on here, to get back on track. NO CHANCE IN HELL WILL I PAY FOR WINDOWS 10.