3370H Weird Problem When Recording From TV


I was wondering is anyone could help or even shed some light on the following issue.

I have a Philips DVDR HD 3370H. I have had the usual problems everyone here seems to have like having to pull the plug every now and again because it freezes.

However there is one problem I am having that seems odd and not reported on here.

When I am recording from the TV to the HDD, The status bar turns to the red recording icon, but the status bar remains blue. When I try and stop the recording a warning about copyright protection pops up. The only thing I can do is rewind the recording a bit, then press stop and it stops. THe status bar has a line as if the bar has been spliced, and I cannot record after this point.

If i do leave it recordings and go to play the video from the HDD, i cannot fastforward or rewind I have to watch the entire recording. Again you can see what I can only describe as a Splice in the status bar.

I reformated the HD and it seems worse now.

I need to know if anyone has had this same problem and is there a solution.

Thanks for any advice.

Hi, I (luckily) haven’t experienced anything like you describe on my unit.
What version of firmware is running on your unit?
Mine has R18.10.
See my posting here for the release note on this version: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=1729217&postcount=4.