32x Or 40x Cdr

hi people , i have a lite on 32x cdr on back order from ebuyer in the uk the site says it is the s model but i am hopeful it is the w model that comes so i can change the speed, or should i change my order to the 40x as i able to at present for not much more money £8 gbp or approx 12 euroes
thanks :slight_smile:

If you could spare the money than change it to the 40x writer.
At least that’s what I would have done.

What’s € 12,- these days

thanks for that little nudge changed to the 40x also changed my hd from a 60 to a 80 gb for another approx 12 euros {where do i get that euro sign] also made me realise i spent 200 euros on my last 8x hp writer i must stop trying to save a few pennies after what ive spent on hardwarre over the years:)

€ = alt gr + E :wink: At least for me.