32x Memorex cdr IS IT REALLY A LITEON?

I have noticed some of the Memorex 32X cdr’s have a face plate that is exactly like the liteon 32x (one button to open the tray) and I know liteon makes cdrs for memorex. But I bought a memorex 32x today and it has a faceplate that is not at all like the liteon 32x (it has two buttons on th face plate, not at all like the liteon).

I don’t want to get stuck with a writer that is not made by liteon, does anybody know for sure if this is a liteon cdr or does memorex have a variety of manufacturers (like Yamaha).?

iamthebathroom, if you didn’t want to get stuck with

I don’t want to get stuck with a writer that is not made by liteon
why didn’t you go straight for a litey, surely this would make more sense!

I don’t know for sure, memorex may easily change manufacturer.

But do the faceplate look like this? (Scroll down a bit):


Then it’s still a lite-on since they may use this design on writers as well…

But if it’s not like that it’s most likely not a Lite-On.

What is the firmware version and what do it identify itself as?

Yes, the dvd faceplate at that link is exactly the same as my mem cdr. I noticed this before I posted here but thought since it was a dvd burner that it wasn’t a liteon. So what you are saying that liteon may use a dvd design faceplate for the cdr it makes for memorex?

Does liteon merely need to make a forrmware change so that there writers can read cactus data shield for correct burnung?

I would guess that a firmware upgrade will do the trick, but I don’t know for sure.

But will there ever be such a firmware upgrade availible? Only Lite-On knows…

Yes I think they use DVD faceplates sometimes for writers also.(And I’ve seem Writer faceplates on DVD-ROM’s and CD-ROM’s many times as well).

If the s/n is 12 digits starting with a 2 and no letters, it’s most likey a liteon.

Or is there the noticeable round hump under the label? That’s a liteon mark.

What does windoze id it as?