32X CDR's

I happened to spot 32X CDR’s made by CMC.
There available in 74/650 or 80/700.
They are selling Here

I was wondering on personal experiance with CMC media in general and hoping for someone who has already tested these particular ones with a Lite-On drive.

They are too cheap.
Mind says if its to good to be true then it probably is.
will they peel?
will they in some way not hold up?

Ofcourse open to suggestions and if you have some informative url’s then please do post :slight_smile:

I find that good CDRs work at any speed anyhow. Also, quality seems to have nothing to do with price for me. What about anyone else?

Well since no one has anything to say bout them I have ordered up on them. Ill post my findings soon!!! (Like you all care :stuck_out_tongue: )

Moved the thread to where it belongs.

Well, my personal experience is that CMC Magnetics is one of the worst manufacturers. But I have not tried their 32X certified discs, but I doubt they will be any better.

Try to make a music disc and then run EAC or Feurio to rip the music back again. Normally there is several read-errors and clicks/pops in the sound then.

Used their first disc in 1997(blue back) and those discs have read-errors all of them now, in 1999 they started to make phthalocyanine discs(gold/yellow/very light green back) which is a lot better but far from the quality to most other factories…such as ritek and prodisc…

My experience is: Stay away from CMC Magnetics, some brands they have been sold as: Imation, Basf, Verbatim datalife/valulife, Mr.Data and others as well.

Arg I havent recieved them yet. Maybe there is still time to cancell…

And if it’s to late to cancel…it’s always nice to hear your opinion on them when you have tested them :wink:

Well I recieved and tested. They burnt fine but are easily scratched with even a finger nail draged across it. I broke one by bending it and found a lot of the media layer came off. I think these will probably peel in time.