32x CD-RW Media scarcity

Where can I find it!!! I have a plextor premium… and I’d like 2 use it to its peek.

The (very little) 32x media that I find, its 650MB. Is there any 32x CD-RW media thats 700MB or even (dare I say) greater?!?!

In addition… where do I, or would I purchase this media?

Is there any good media online stores? :confused:

I thought I heard that Verbatim is the only maker of 32x and that 700MB isn’t available yet.

I have found 700MB CD-RW media with 32x support. Verbatim, as zazonz said. However they are very unavailable on the market, and I’m stuck using my Plextor Premium with 2 Philips 700MB CD-RW high speed (10x :p) media and 2 Magnex mini-CDs 210MB high speed (10x again). I wonder if 10x is really a “high speed”…

any media online stores in where I can find this?