32x Burners: LG vs LiteOn vs AOpen

Hi, I’m looking for some advice on which burner to purchase, if I am looking to burn the following:

  • Audio CDs
  • MP3s to play in CD players (I’m sure any burner is fine)
  • The occasional game
    So basically everything that you could burn. :slight_smile:

I cannot get a 32125W LiteOn, otherwise I would for sure and this wouldn’t be a problem. Any suggestions on the better burner of the group?


Rip key 2 audio discs: LG: No, AOpen: No, Lite-On: Yes, but only the newest key2audio version 3, not the older versions.

Rip Cactus data shield 100/200: LG: No, Aopen: yes with special program settings, Lite-On: No

Write quality: LG: Not good, AOpen: pretty good, Lite-On: pretty good.

Average Write speed: LG: slow, AOpen: Average, Lite-On: good.

Media compatiblility: LG: average, AOpen: average, Lite-On: average/good.

Game backup capability: LG: very good, AOpen: bad, Lite-On: very good.

But the 32x LG can be 40x-flashed and gain an average speed higher than the 32x-others (P-CAV). Haven’t tried burning with 40x media though. (32x = Full 80-min burn @ 3:20, 20-32x PCAV.)

I like its write quality with good media, but it IS media-picky, and will produce bad writes on a lot of media. (It doesn’t like the 16x TDK Riteks I tried, but liked 16x Vanguard @ 32x, even though some discs on the spindle were faulty and the rest was marginal…) It also 32x-ed finely Samsung “Unknown Manufacturer” and 4M, both 16x.

Kodak writes at only 24x but well, Princo, Prodisc, DST and Gigastorage write great at 32…

Might I add that it doesn’t work with Imation 16/24x at any speeds even though the manual recommends CMC. Haven’t tested with true CMC 32x media because no 32x media is currently available here. It also hates any grade of Sony/Sony media at any speed.

It’s also a sturdy drive, and works fine. BUT it’s MWDMA-2 instead of UDMA2. I bought mainly because here it’s cheaper than any other drive. (Except for the Cyberdrive 36x, which was out of stock.)

Thanks for the replies guys, your knowledge is much appreciated!
Looks like I have it narrowed down to either the LG or LiteOn. It’s a shame I can’t find any 32125W drives, then there would be no competition.

Fallen: did the write quality change at all when you flashed to 40x P-CAV? I’ve read in some other posts that the write quality AND speed did not improve when flashed to 40x, however it could’ve been the media that was the problem, as you have already stated.

Wongerboyo: I’ve seen an increase in write quality, as some discs that used to write badly now work fine (The Vanguards that I mentioned earlier, but probably more discs will work fine now.).

Some people say that the drive seems to become more conservative on some media but I’ve mostly not encountered this problem. Every media burns at the same speed or even faster than they did before, and even a burn on the same speed is faster. (32x was 3:57, now 3:20, for example.)

The only media that I’ve seen the overclocked one burn slower than the 32x one was on 16x TDK/Ritek media, that used to burn at 32x but with the overclock burns at 24x, but when burned at 32x the media got quite some C2 errors near the end, and at 24x it is fine.

It is a drive to stick to good media, though, but good is not always expensive, as Prodisc and Princo, for example, tend to be quite on the cheaper side of things, even if they’ve never gone bad on me and I never get a bad disc on a spindle.