32k/s audio is killing me :(

Hi all, witnezz here, first time poster. Was looking for answers to a problem and stumbled across your forum so here is the puzzle. Im new to making DVD’s so i have run into a little wrinkle.

My production studio is analog, so when I import raw footage into my “velocity” post-production system video comes in at 48K/s and audio comes in at 32K/s. Audio comes in at 32, thats just the way the technology works.

Now you can strip it, pack it, crunch it, encode it a billion different ways when putting it out to mpeg but the origional raw data came in at 48/32 and audio cannot be imported any higher.

Now comes the puzzle, I can dvd master the raw footage and all is peachy.
Digital archiving is good.:iagree:

However when creating a chaptered dvd, the technology insists on ripping apart the audio and video and repacking it frame by frame into the .vob file for the dvd. Since the origional footage came in as 48/32 the tracks skew and desync in the final product, even if the mpeg was encoded at 48/48 the vob still “somehow” remembers the 48/32 origional and skews the tracks.

Perhaps “Velocity” and “DVDit” are the culperits and new software is required?

I have imported raw from DV cameras straight into “Pinnacle 7-8-And 9” and output a chaptered dvd without any problems, however pinnacle is just not potent enough for my purposes. Have tried “Avid” and “Final Cut” as well, but they just dont offer the flexability i need and would constitute a sizeable investment.

So as opposed to converting my entire studio to a digital production studio which would cost alot, anyone have any suggestions?