321Studios fighting for fair use in Federal Appeals Court



I just posted the article 321Studios fighting for fair use in Federal Appeals Court.

321 Studios, maker of DVD copy products, said Thursday that it has appealed a pair of federal court rulings that it stop making and marketing its software. Federal judges in…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/8072-321Studios-fighting-for-fair-use-in-Federal-Appeals-Court.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/8072-321Studios-fighting-for-fair-use-in-Federal-Appeals-Court.html)

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Anti-piracy measures should be aimed at pirates and not the average person who wants to protect their investment. It seems that it is imposed on everyone though. The laws need to be changed. If lawmakers spent as much time making suitable laws as they do trying to enforce bad ones…


It seams to me that the measure of good law is weather ALL the results of that law benefit the majority of the citizens and not a small economic powerful minority. The Movie Mongols of 'Moneywood" should keep in mind that consumers will eventually do their sums and realize what enormous profits they are making out of DVD Movies! They thought they were so smart introducing DVD Zoning, who would have thought a small country like Australia would realize than it was anti competitive and allow multi zoned players to be sold! How dare they! No wonder Australians buy their DVD’s over the internet from the US. Most of the titles are released there on DVD before they are released in the Cinema here! Did they think we wouldn’t find out? Like hoers on the street corner they taunt us with previews six months before the movie’s release creating a demand that the Pirates happily fulfill, they (the movie studios) are hoist on their own petard.


I hate to be ‘off topic here’…but it would be REALLY nice if 321 actually mailed me the several rebate checks for which I have been waiting for OVER 4 months! I realize that there is a principle in this topic…yet still “how about it 321?”


They’d lose all their special interest money and would have to wait another year before putting in the new pool.
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i’m still wating for my rebate 3 mos now