32125w overclock?



I never knew this could be done to a drive so please bear with me ..

Ive been reading this forum but am still none the wiser..

to get mine to 48x write do i just download the firmware from liteon ?

i run win xp and am not sure how to work out this mtkflash that seems to be popping up everywhere !!!!

Thanks in advance



You should use mtkflash and a binary firmware to overclock it. The firmwares downloaded from Lite-On will not work.

If you don’t understand the mtkflash guide I suggest that you don’t try to overclock it. (btw it’s possible to make dos boot floppy in win XP by just rightclicking your floppystation, choose format and there you will find a choice for making a DOS boot floppy).

Notice that overclocking voids the warranty.