32125W after OC, lots of errors



I have burn several CDs with 32125W(VS02.bin firmware). All the CD I burned have at least 10% of damaged areas. I checked that using ScanDisc in CD Speed.

I have tried burning 48x using 40x CMC CDR, even burning 32x certified CDR at 32x also create a lot of error. Why is it so? Is it a faulty drive??? This is only my second day for having this drive... :~~(

Smart-burn, burn proof and everything is Enable. Just couldn't burn it right! argh...


I am getting really nervous. I am still trying to burn with different kinda CDR. No luck, the last I tried gave me 51.80% Damaged, 48.20% Good. Sigh!!! All burned with Nero and CloneCD, 32x with 32x certified CDR.

Just look at the surface of the CDR, something is not right. The burned area is not “smooth”, the CDR looks like a multisession CDR. I even burn two CDR with the same content, then I checked both CD. One has “smooth” burned area, another has a lot of circular lines especially on the outter track. What could be wrong for these inconsistency??


Some media just sucks at higher burn rates, best to get 40X media or 48x media when it comes out.

CMC is pretty cheap media from what I hear…


Was this before also?

With the original firmware ?


I had never try to burn with its original firmware. I flashed to VS02 straight away after getting the drive. I will definitely try to flash it back to original firmware if still no solution for the errors.


i had this problem with vs01 firmware on 40125s
got about 20% errors even burning at 32x and 40x
zs0a burnt the same 32x certified discs at 40x with 0 errors

i went back to zsoa (and now i see there is zs0j) but perhaps i’ll try vs02 firmware


I went back to ZS0J, got much better result, but the errors still there. Less than 2%, is that okay for a data cd?

Now back to VS02 again, trying to burn again now. I solve one problem by switching this two firmware. I could access the content of the CD in WinXP through Explorer/My computer now! Weird huh?

Thanks for all the suggestions.


where can i get cd speed and its scandisk facility? also does this check the quality and purity of the cd?



excellent useful programs.:cool:


it says cd speed is coming very soon at that website. is there anywhere where i can get it now, cos ive seen others in this forum using it, where did they get it from?


it’s there and working m8.



thats nerocdspeed. if u scroll down to the bottom of the page u get cdspeed with scandisk


it’s the same thing :))

scan disc is under the extras tool bar.


thanks m8, i found the problem. i got an older version of nero cdspeed and so it didn’t have scandisk. got new version and ive found.

thanks for the patience


Guys… I can exchange the drive for a new one in 7 days if it’s faulty, which I am in doubt. Is this a media problem or drive’s fault? I have tried different firmwares, even the original one with some good CDR media, but still couldn’t get 100% good quality disc.