32125W -> 48125W VS02 or VS06

Hello All,

I own a LTR-32125W, and overclocked it to LTR-48125W with the VS02.bin file.
As far as i know everything works fine, but what .BIN file is best…the VS02 (06-03-2002) or the VS06 (06-28-2002), or is there no difference :rolleyes:

This has been asked and answered here many times. The answer is: it depends. You have to run some quality tests on CDR’s burned with both versions to see which one your drive prefers. Keep in ming that 06 will provide you with improved media compatability for SmartBurn. If possible, do your tests on a another drive than the burner, or at least only test CDR’s that were burned with 02 on the drive with 02 installed, and the same for 06.