32125w == 40125w?

I did a complete comparison between these two drives based on their specification. Other than speed difference, the 32125W has max operating temp of 55c, 40125w is 60c.

So, I am thinking maybe 40x drive has a better ventilation over 30x drive…? If I convert 32x drive to 40x or perhaps 48x, in long run, will it stress the drive too much especially with very high rpm at 48x?

I am deciding spending a little extra for the 40x worth it or not…

"the 32125W has max operating temp of 55c, 40125w is 60c. " - i think all that means is the 32125W runs at a lower temp because the motor isnt spinning as fast, the 40125W is spinning faster and so will operate at a higher speed.

I seriously doubt it has better ventilation that would involve extra costs - the 32125W is just an underclocked 40125W - same drive bar the sticker and letters on the front panel and different firmware limiting it to 32x. But who am i to know!!

I’d just overclock a 32125W to 40x - i mean its only 8x faster so it is hardly going to stress it!

Up 2 you!

One question in my mind…

Does this “Operating temperature” means the temperature which it will be operating at… OR the safe temperature for the drive to operate without problems…

If the first case, then I agree with you… both of the drives are just the same except the firmware. 40x operate at higher speed, thus higher temperature.

If it is the second case, safe temperature for the drive to operate without problems. Obviously, they have something to let the 40x can be operate at higher temperature. Let’s wait for the 48x drive’s spec and see…

well i just looked on the liteon site and for 40125W

Temperature & Humidity:
Operating: 5C to 50C ; RH: 15% to 80% , Non-Condensing
Non-Operating: -40C to 60C ; RH: 15% to 90% , Non-Condensing

and for 32125W

Operating: 5C to 45C ; RH: 15% to 80% , Non-Condensing
Non-Operating: -20C to 60C ; RH: 15% to 90% , Non-Condensing

Im not too sure - but the difference is nothing 5 degrees - i wudnt worry bout it 2 be honest, of course a higher speed write is going to operate at a higher temp. 50 degrees will be the hottest it gets running at 40x, 45 degrees will be the hottest a 32x will get burning at max speed. the temp will depend on how cool it is in your case, climate etc… These drives have to be built to work in cold and very hot climates. I shouldnt think your drive will be maxing at 50 degrees, sumwhere in the middle maybe.

Well, I am living in a hot country and also hot room. That’s why I am worry :slight_smile:

Ambient temp, 35c
Casing temp, 38c
7200rpm HDD temp, 55c!
CDRW drive temp… ahem…

5 degrees can make the difference between a toasted IC and a working chip.

Chips can go haywire at higher temperatures, even if they don’t actually fry. Too, chip creep occurences increase with higher temperatures.

Incidentally, 5 degrees may be the increase at the case. The actual increase inside the enclosure would be 1.5 to 2x more.

However, you might consider an extra fan within the cabinet of your PC.

Costwise, it might be better to go in for a higher rated drive rather than upgrade a 32x to 40x to… :slight_smile:

This applies only if you are a heavy / frequent burner. For a couple of CDs a day or so, the higher temperature won’t hurt the drive.

how do you “smart” guys overlock a cd-rw(liteon)