32123S Upgraded to 40125S - Slow Burning 20 mins a CD Regardless Speed Chosen!


I recently OCed my 32123S to 40125S, following the instructions on this thread http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?threadid=54277.

After converting, everything seems to work great. I have not burned much since upgrading. Nevertheless, just yesterday, I burned a few CDs, some were CDRs and some were CDRWs.

Each CD were close to 80mins (Music CDs), and regardless of the type of CDs used, and speeds chosen,they all took about 20 mins to complete.

Now, from what I can remember vaguely, my old 32123S did not take as long when burning a full CD, I was burning at about 4 mins per full CD. I do have DMA enabled on all drives.

If I “upgrad” to my 32123S, should this improve?

BTW, since the upgrade, no single parts have been changed or modified in anyway!

Any suggestions/comments appreciated.

did u change the types of cds u were using to burn? also, try using nero cd speed and see how the burn looks on the graph.

were you doing a severe case of multi tasking, whee you kept getting buffer underruns?? 20minutes? Thats like burning at like 3.5x for a full cd.

You said they were only 4 minutes long? What happens if you try to burn a whole cd?

Do you have smartburn enable or disabled?

Have you made sure to enable DMA?

first of all, thank you all for answering my questions!

i have smartburn enabled. by 4 minutes, i meant takes 4 minutes to burn before i upgraded.

everything seems normal, just takes a long time to burn. same type of cds, same computer, just different firmware.

nero cd speed looks good, it says something like 3 and a half mins.

yes, DMA is enabled, i just checked.

thank you all once again!

I would think that this is related to file caching. Try to defrag your HD, make an image and burn from that image.