32123s & Upc/isrc

Can read/write UPC/ISRC?
For Feurio no!
Your experience with another software?


Writing UPC/ISRC works like a charm using CDRWin, eg.
Reading of course works, too.

With CDRWin can:
write only ISRC (not UPC)
read both (if UPC is write with another CDRecorder)

EAC 0.9b2 crashes writing leadout

Hmm, isn’t UPC the catalog number you see in the cue sheet?
IIRC writing these worked perfectly using CDRWin 3.8G on a LTR-32123S fw XS0R.

LTR-32123S fw XSOU (before it was a LTR-24103S) doesn’t write catolog number (aka ISRC) on audio CD.

glad that i kept my yamaha 2100e next to my new , upgraded from 24103s, LITE-ON 32123s.

The yamaha can do it all, but can the options be added to the LITE_ON by flashing firmware…or is it also a hardware issue