32123S unable to recognize CD-R - sometimes

From a rookie user:

I’ve experienced a reaccuring problem with my LTR-32123S-drive for a couple of months.

(Purchased 1y3m ago, using Nero Burning Rom/Express on WinXP)

It reads CD’s as it should, but is very unstable when it comes to recognizing writeable CD’s. Example: Yesterday I did a succesfull burn using a Fuji CD-R. Today, using the same brand from the same box, Nero ejected the disc and asked me to load a writeable medium. I took five new CD-R’s from the same box, but it didn’t recognize any of them. I’ve had the same problem with other label discs (Verbatim and TDK).

Sometimes Nero will start burning, and stops at 50% and the drive locks. It cannot be opened from the front panel. Only way out is a reboot.

It’s been this way for a couple of months - sometimes there’s no problem, sometimes there is.

I’ve updated Nero 5.5 and reinstalled drivers with no result.

Can anyone help me understand what the problem might be and what to do?

Kind regards,