32123s to 40125s buffer probs

Hi there. I have done the upgrade, everything works fine, but in Feurio, the buffer is shown when burning as 1388kb available from 1984kb total. Nero Info Tool shows the full 1984kb. What could be wrong? Is this because the 40125s driver for Feurio is not really for this drive? Feurio says that buffer sizes are returned by the drive in response to MMC commands etc. It hasn’t really affected my burning at all, but would prefer to have the whole buffer available.

Hello? Anyone?

I don’t know Feurio but…
With Liteon you cannot get buffer underrun so the size isn’t critical.:wink:

Buffer for 32123S is around 1800
Buffer for 32123S —> 40125S is 1388 because (I think) the burner now supports MRainer format…

Please, try this test (only simulation!:D) with Feurio and 32123S —> 40125S:

Write a cd (70-80 min.) at 40x from wav file(s). That’s OK.
Write a cd (70-80 min.) at 40x from mp3 file(s). The burner from 50 min goes slowly and at 63 min (ALWAYS AT 63) crash (fiiiiiiiii) for 4-5 second and after goes slowly (20x) to the end of disc.:(:(:frowning:


Use the “search” function, I remember seeing someting about the buffer size looking a bit smaller than it really is in older posts.