32123S Slow Burning!



I just did a test with Nero CD Speed and it shows that my drive is writing at an average speed of 16.75x!!! I bought a 32x drive and its burning at 16.75x!! I have DMA enabled, and I am using Philips 40x certified CD-R Media. I’ve attached a screenshot of CD Speed. And heres the saved results from CD Speed. I tried upgrading to XS0X and I still get the same speed.

CD Speed

30 July 2002 - 6:44:08

CD-ROM drive information
Vendor LITE-ON
Product LTR-32123S
Firmware Version XS0U

CD information
Type -
Length --:–:--

Test results

Transfer rate
Average 16.75x
Start 15.96x
End 9.29x
Reading type Z-CLV

DAE quality
Score N/A
Accurate stream No

Seek times
Random N/A
1/3 Seek N/A
Full N/A

CPU usage
1X N/A
2X N/A
4X N/A
8X N/A

Burst rate N/A

Spinup/Spindown Time
Spinup Time N/A
Spindown Time N/A

Disc Eject Time N/A
Disc Load Time N/A
Disc Recognition Time N/A



any help? plz…


I think i fixed the problem. I disabled CD Recording for this drive in Windows XP and now i did a test with CD Speed and got an average recording speed of 26.19x! :slight_smile: It reached 31.95x at the end, .5 off of 32x, but im still happy!! :slight_smile:

I wonder why enabling cd recording in windows xp causes it to slow down, looks like another microsoft bug. lol.