32123s not writing

Hello all i have an liteon 32123s with original firmware(XR0S)

The problem i am getting is that when i try to copy data onto a cd with clonecd(latest ver) no data is getting written onto the cd. The red led comes on and takes the time to burn it but when its done no data is on it! And no i do not have simulate writing ticked and the thing is i can copy cds with other programs such as nero and others

Please help me here!!


Since your problem is limited to CloneCD, try uninstall and reinstall. CCD uses it’s own drivers to communicate, they may be corrupted in some way…

well should i upgrade my firmware??

ill try uninstalling and then reinstalling it, is it possible to d/l older versions of clonecd? like ver3?


I recommend upgrading to latest firmware, as you get better media compability. But I don’t think it will solve your problem. But you can try…

well i upgraded my firmware to XSOX and still same problem, could the media im using be a problem? im using LG’s and they work for nero. How do i know if it is the media or not??

Also is it best to use my liteon as the reader and writer? I only have a standard 52X cdrom.

Is it possible to d/l older versions of clonecd? if so where bts from?


Did you try burning the image that has been made by clonecd with nero ? If no, then File- > Burn Image in Nero. Does this cd work ?

where abouts are you talkin in?

In clonecd or in nero? do i have to change any file extensions or what?

A bit more specific instructions please


Well, then you want to copy some cd in clonecd you push the copy button. Later you select the source cdrom. Then the profile. Then there’s a window with “image file” in top left corner. This image file is a mirror of the cd in HDD. You can
change the destination of this file. Mark
“create cue sheet”. “Delete after successful write” and “on the fly” must be
unmarked. Burn with these settings.Did it work? IF not procced. Go into nero. Select File -> Burn Image. Choose the file that was created with clonecd (mirror of your cd on HDD).Select the speed you want and burn. Did it work ?