32123S burning CD that I cant read

I have a 32123S Lite-on and have used it successfully through about 60 CDs

After a couple of months of non-use I bought new CDs and they cant be read at all by the CD-rom drive or my CD-writer itself it gioves a funny message: (I:\ is not accessible. Incorrect function) . Just now I tried to burn another CD, and it tells me the CD-R I inerted is not blank. :confused: (btw I’m using nero), my PC is quite fast etc… - ask me anything more you need to know about my set-up (Cd’s are jungle.com own brand made by memorex)

Please help

my writer cant be dead can it???
Thanks, you guys

btw memorex do not make media…only sells media made by others…

Just to isolate it: Try other media, is the result still the same?

If it is still the same problem, then it’s not the media.

Do you use windows XP btw?

this has happened to me once, with a 24x liteon.

it was down to cheapo cyniane cdrs.

I am using win2000 server
I inserted the CD-R that came with Lite-on package and the same thing happened - the message read that the medium was not empty and it told me to insert an empty medium. I think I can safely say it is not the CD-R’s fault. What about firmware (I know nothing much about this btw)


you can upgrade to the latest firmware to get more media compatebility

how do I do this - the lite-on website does not have the right firmware

Sure it does, they are just not available right now…

From the Lite-On website:
[I]Note: Due to the Website internal maintenance, some files have been disabled for

          downloading.  Sorry for any inconvenience caused ![/I]

I have the same drive and problem. Haven’t played with it at all yet, but if you eject the CD and close it, do a refresh in the “My Computer” window and it should bring up the CD normally. Had that problem using the ever populer Ritek phthalocyanine disks. I can’t quite recall off hand, but I don’t seem to remember having that problem using Taiyo Yuden cyanine media.

hey thanks. Do you think a firmware upgrade might help as well? Also , do you have a link where I can get a somne of those CD’s you mentioned? Cheers (I live in the UK so any link that ships there would be appreciated.


The “can’t see content of CD” is a well know XP problem, have the same problem myself :frowning:

Hoping that a servicepack will fix the problem. If not I’ll go back to w2k which is by a long shot the most stable M$ OS made so far.

as stated I am using win2000 server

The Problem is that you installed a firmware not correctly. The problem are often the VIA chipset drivers. User another computer with an intel chipset and use the original windows IDE drivers.

I have been sent a firmware exe from lite-on, but how do I get into ‘pure dos mode’ from win 2000 server?. I understand this is not the cmd prompt. :o


just run the exe…it can be installed from within windows

I upgraded the firmware but the problem remains. Nero tells me my blank CD-R’s are full.

:a :confused:

i gues it is the media you use…try an other brand

i have used a vaiety of media like TDK reflex and the problem persists