32123S and GTA3=Hello Dolly?

So I have my nice new GTA3 cd that I would like to play on my laptop. Only problem is that I don’t want to be carrying the original CD around with me when I go places. Solution-make a backup for my laptop. Doesn’t work. I know there’s already been 42 1/2 threads about this topic already, but it would seem I am an exception to those because what they say doesn’t work for me. I’ve been using CloneCD 4 and haven’t had any success. It’ll play in my Lite-On, but not in my laptop. The 32123S is a 2 sheep drive,but so far I’ve only seen 1 of those in action. Already tried Clony XXL, or using any settings that have already been posted up. Not much to go on here, but any advice?

Try ‘Hide CD-R Media’… Maybe you’re ROM reads atip…

The drive on my laptop is an RW, so I know it’s reading the ATIP. Hiding it will work, but that worked when burned off a 1 sheep drive. I just want something that will let this 2 sheep drive flex a bit of muscle over my old Teac CD-W524E, which so far has done just as well to copy this.

You will not be able to play from a RW drive without using Hide CD-R media when using the backup.

1 sheep, needs Amplify Weak sectors enabled to make a good sd 2.51.021 backup (without it may still work sometimes and in some drives).

2 sheep, will make a good sd 2.51.021 backup without the need of aws.

Aaaaahhh…that would explain a few things…and make me feel rather silly about my supposed pile of coasters here. I just heard people talking about their “perfect” copies that would run fine on anything and these drives that would read anything, write anything, play anything, and even attract women to you as you sit in a dark room trying to play video games. Guess those were a bit overstated, as my roomate is the only person to have come in here since I turned the lights off. Thanks for the tip!