32123S, and Backup CDRs

I bought this drive cause I was unable to make backups of games that I had that used SafeDisc 2 protection. Now I’m having problems with backing up newer games I’ve just bought. I have Max Payne v1.05, WarCraft III, Nascar Thunder 2003, MechWarrior 4 “Black Knight” and Need For Speed “Hot Pursuit 2”. None of these can be backed up using my drive, and CloneCD
Others have backed up these games without a problem using newer LiteOn drives. If I where to flash the drive to a newer firmware, would I get the ability to backup these games, or just a speed increase?:confused:

Max Payne shouldn’t be a problem with CloneCD as it uses an older version of Safedisc 2.

Warcraft III is one of the SecuROM New games that cannot be copied by any burner with any software as of the present time.

To create working images of Need for Speed: HP2, use Discdump to create an image and Fireburner to write it. There are also reports of Discjuggler working to backup this game.

One correction, Warcraft III is NOT uncopyable. Just use the securom new profile and it should work fine. I have a made a backup of my copy of the game that works perfectly and i don’t even have an sd 2.51+ compatible burner.

I have the v1.05 of Max Payne which I heard uses the SD 2.81 copy protection. Even if I had the initial v1.0 release CD-ROM of Max Payne, once you upgrade to v1.05, the game quites reading the backup disc. The same thing happens with MechWarrior 4 “Black Knight”.
Do you know if flashing the LTR-32123S to the overclocked ROM would allow SD 2.81 reading, and recording?:confused:

Max Payne 1.05 uses SD2.51.020 - it should work …
but if you play from writer, you´ve to enable CloneCD´s hide cd-r media function, ´cause newer SD2 versions check ATIP …

I backed up Mech4:Black Knight using my 32123s - that’s why I bought it! I used both CCDv3.3.4.1 and v4, using the “Safedisk” profile.
Also backed up WIII for a friend, using the “Securerom” profile.

flash the drive to the 40125S. :smiley:

WarCraft 3 has the first version of securom very new. It’s the one which requires a proper subchannel reader to make backups that run in all drives.