32123S -> 40125S Write quality

Is their anybody who has info about the write quality of a 32123S drive which has been overclocked to 40x?

C1 or C2 errors, …

I burned 10 cd’s no problem at all!!

Did you check your cd’s on errors?

It’s not because you don’t get any errors during writing that you have good writing quality.


I burned some audio cd’s and this morning I listened to the music in my car.

No problems found / heard.

I don’t think that there will be a problem. As mentioned in the overclock thread the 40 speed burner is technical the same as our 24 or 32 x.

There were some problems reported with 32 speed burners from an older production date. You should check that. My burner is produced in may 2002.

Remember, do it at your own risc, but

… Just do it!!!

Not for the 30 seconds but for the kick!!


a note to Lite on.
I can imagine that Lite on isn’t happy with our overclocking. But one thing is for sure. My next burner will again be a lite on!!

Thanks to everyone who made this possible!

Even Moser Baer crap media works fine.

And i don’t understand the problem with older revisions. My 32123s was made in December 2001 and overclocked (if you can call it that… ;)) just fine. Maybe there’s a bad revision in between?

BTW, i did get some errors near the end of a CD when burning @ 40x, but i think it’s the media quality. If i read on the burner i find no errors at all, but on my 163D i see some errors (few) near the end. The media is Ritek, 24x certified. Smartburn allows 32x and i think i was pushing it a little too far with the 40x… ehehe Anyway, just to have P-CAV is a great improvement! Mount Rainier is a over-hyped feature that’ll eat a lot of space in your CDRW. I burn and use my CDRWs like regular CDRs. No packet software of any kind.

Mine was manufactured in April of 2002 and it burns super so far. I burned a packed 700mb cd on the CDR that came with the retail drive. It was certified up to 40x as detected by the burning software. I let it go full tilt at 40X and it burned fine. I’ve done audio, but only at 4x…I don’t dare burn audio any faster as I don’t want pops and clicks.

I’ve done audio, but only at 4x…I don’t dare burn audio any faster as I don’t want pops and clicks.

I’ve been burning audio CDs since '96 (1x speed) and now (48xspeed) and one thing that I’ve learned is that the speed of the burn does not give you pops and clicks, it’s the the DAE of the drive, and it’s speed.

Just for the statistics, my 32123S works like a charm when I overclocked it. The only thing that troubles me is the high pitched sound while burning. It doesn’t sound healthy at all, but that’s only when burning at 40x.

Btw, it’s manufactured in Jan 2002.