32123S@40125S to 48125S ? Is it possible?

Does anyone tryed to flash overclocked 32123S@40125S with latest firmware from liteon 1S05 for 48125S?

Is it possible at all?

Up to this moment is’t impossible to overclock your 32123s so that it would be able to write at 48x.
If you can find a firmware for the mediatek 3-series that can write at 48x then it will be possible.

To anwser your question
The 1S05 firmware is a mediatek 5-series firmware, this is firmware can only be used on drives that use the mediatek 5-series chipset (this means NOT on a 32123s).

well, what about the firmware for 40125S , is it 3-chipset model?

The official firmwares for LTR-40125S is all 5-series.
Mediatek series 3 firmwares starts with XS.